Guardian angel

With eyes as blue as the sea and lips as red a blood, he fell to the Earth to save us. He was my personal blessing in disguise. So perfect, every single detail was precise. There was nobody quite like him. But how could they be. Niall Horan came back to Earth just to be my guardian angel. Nobody else could see him. To them he was in the ground, alone and lifeless. But he's not. He's here, watching over me. Keeping me safe and free from harm.


2. I drew the line, he rubbed it out

Scarlett's P.O.V


I put the blade to my wrist and sliced, it felt so good to be able to control my pain. The one thing in my life I actually did control. It stung like hell but it was worth it. The stinging stopped suddenly

'This is unusual' I thought to myself as I looked down at my wrist. There as nothing there, no blood no scar. No sign that I had just, in fact ever in my entire life cut. But there should be. This was weird. I did the same again. I felt no pain, no anything. I glanced down and once again there was nothing there.

"What the actual hell" I exclaimed as I brought the blade down upon my wrist for the 3rd time.

"Give up" I heard a voice say "You're never going to win" I was a little uneasy. I couldn't see this mysterious guy. I recognised his voice but I didn't know where from.

"Says who" I replied, as the blade struck my wrist again, once again leaving no mark and causing no pain.

"Says me" The stranger replied as he stepped out in the open light. I stared in shock at the figure, it couldn't!

"I-I-I I thought you were dead" I exclaimed and he let out a small chuckle.

"Oh I am, but i'm back. You're the only one who can see me though. Scarlett, I'm your guardian angel!" I immediately felt dizzy, this was too much. Niall Horan. The Niall Horan of One Direction, who died last night in a car accident, was back alive and apparently my guardian angel.

"This is too much" I muttered as I felt my legs buckle underneath me. The last thing I aw was a pair of bright blue eyes staring into mine. Then darkness....



Okay my little snowflakes :) This is guardian angel :) Hope you like it. Whilst doing this im putting a few stories on hold and only updating a few. I will updating this, my imagines, 18 years ago and cant let her go. Maybe another couple once every so often. Well I hope you like this :) xxx

(short chapter cuz my computers about to die and I really want to update!) xx

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