Guardian angel

With eyes as blue as the sea and lips as red a blood, he fell to the Earth to save us. He was my personal blessing in disguise. So perfect, every single detail was precise. There was nobody quite like him. But how could they be. Niall Horan came back to Earth just to be my guardian angel. Nobody else could see him. To them he was in the ground, alone and lifeless. But he's not. He's here, watching over me. Keeping me safe and free from harm.


3. Day and night, i'm by your side

I slowly opened my eyes. My mum was there, so was my dad and younger brother Jake. This was the first time in 6 years I had seen them in the same room. After their divorce when I was 13, my mum moved to New York with Jake, whilst me and Dad stayed in London. What had happened. I realised straight away that I was in a hospital. Why was I here. Oh yeah, I was cutting and saw Niall Horan and passed out, but he was dead. Maybe I passed out before I thought I did. Maybe it was a trick of my mind. I slowly sat up and aw a blonde haired boy standing in the corner

"Oh my.... Flipping hell!" I exclaimed. My family looked at me and Niall laughed

"What's wrong sweetie?" My dad asked, I was about to say Niall when he spoke

"Remember they can't see me or hear me. They'll think you're nuts if you tell them!" He said and I knew that he was right. I'd probably be sent to a mental hospital if I said I was seeing dead people.

"I thought I saw a spider, it was only a ball of fluff though" I lied and my dad smiled, clearly believing me. Why wouldn't he, I was absolutely petrified of spiders. Like mega mega mega petrified.

"What happened?" I asked

"I came to tell you dinner was ready and you were passed out on your bedroom floor. You had a razor in your hand and at first I thought you had cut. But you had no blood, no scars, nothing. You've been out cold for a week scar" My dad said softly. I had been passed out for a week. No wonder my mum was here.

"Guys you look tired, go get yourselves some coffee or something. I'll be fine. I mean I'm 19 I can look after myself" I said and they all happily agreed they looked exhausted. In all honesty I wanted to talk to Niall without being seen as some nutty girl. They all left the room and I stared at Niall.

"Don't you have better things to do than watch me all the time?" I asked and he laughed.

"You clearly don't understand the concept of a guardian angel do you?" He asked and I shook my head

"Well basically I died. I kinda went up to this place. I suppose it was heaven. Well I spoke to this guy, I found out afterwards it was apparently god, and I told him that it was unfair that I could never see my family or the boys again. He said I could to back to Earth, only as a guardian angel. So I agreed and I chose you. I could have had anyone on the list, but in all honesty you interested me. So I chose you. I can see the boys and my family but they cant see me. The only person who can see me is you. I cant go anywhere without you so basically day and night, i'll be by your side. I think this whole angel thing is a great idea because I can see everyone but they can still move on with their lives. Plus I get to help you." He said.

"I kinda get it.... So how long are you going to be my personal angel for?" I asked and he smiled

"As long as you need me. However there is one rule. At the end of my role as a guardian angel I get to grant you one final wish. It can be however big or life-changing you want it to be. Then I go to heaven and i'm basically dead again" He said with a shrug of his shoulders

"Well if that's the case.... Be my guardian angel forever and you never have to leave Earth" I replied with a smile. I was expecting a smile back but all I got was a solemn glance.

"It's not up to me. Once god sees that you are ready to be without me I have to do. But you cant trick him. There is nothing either one of us can do about it. Once i'm gone i'm gone" He replied. Okay, so I only had a limited amount of time with Niall. Then one wish and he was gone. Well I best make the most of my time with Niall Horan, not that anybody would ever be able to know!

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