When savannah finds the love of her life, zayn malik after being locked up in a mental hospital for attempting suicide, she runs away from her real life to live with her boyfriend the band and her best friend who is seeing niall horan, will she be found, will she last to being irresistabe to zayn, wil he be irresistable to her for life, find out


2. Fight

After school I keep getting texts from Kyle, why won't he leave me alone, he keeps saying stuff like I love you, you are perfect, you are my forever. I mean it's really sweet but it's getting really annoying, and the way he treated me at school, only slightly cheered me up, and now I'm grounded by my brother, and extra grounded by our parents

" hey savannah" mike says entering my room, it's almost 11 and I'm not tired at all

" what" I snap, I look over at him, he is shocked by my tone I guess

" I just came in to see if you needed anything before I went to bed" he says, I shake my head,  he sits on the bed next to me

" I'm fine thanks" I say, staring down at a picture of me and him as kids, or kid and teenager 

" if you need anything come get me up ok" he puts a hand on my shoulder

" ok" I say, he hugs me tightly, I just sit there not sure if I should hug him back

" I love you savannah, see you in the morning" he says and stands up, I don't respond, he lets out a sigh and walks out, I feel bad for not hugging him back, but I figure he has had enough of me for today

The next day

" hey babe" kyle says putting an arm around my shoulder, I push it off and continue the route to the bus stop

" get off of me I'm not in a good mood" I say and walk faster, he wraps his arms around my shoulders and stops walking stopping me too

" hey, what's wrong baby" he says, I try to get out of his grip, but he is too strong

" do t call me that, now get off" I say louder, almost about to scream

" but I love you, I want you forever" he whines and kisses my cheek, I elbow him in the chest and run, he's lips off and I can hear him closing in on me, I swing my small backpack around at him and hit him in the chest hard, he slows down, I round the corner to see the bus already there, I just make it, but so does Kyle, I sit next to Kylie so he can't sit next to me

when we get to school I hang out with Kylie my only friend who just moved to this school and has most of my classes , but Kyle has all of them:(

"what do you wanna do?" I ask her as we sit alone on a bench far away from everyone else, she shrugs 

" so I hear that you hurt Kyle today" Sam says sitting next to me, followed by three other guys

" yeah I did because he was a jerk this morning, so go away and leave me alone" I say and push him off of the bench, another boy Tyler pulls my hands behind my back and holds them there while Sam gets back to his feet, they push Kylie away so she can't interfere

" you wanna know how I know Kyle is a wimp?" I ask them, Sam sits down again and looks me in the eyes

" how" he says

" because he gets other guys to do his dirty work like beating me up" I say, and Sam nods agreeing with what I said

" your right, let's to tell Kyle to do this himself, oh wait, we offered to do it for him" Sam slaps me in the face hard, but I only feel slight stinging

" really that's all you got" I say and pull out of Tyler's grip and punch Sam in the face so hard he falls back crying

" what did you do" Tyler says grabbing my arms, I pull away and kick him as hard as I can where the sun don't shine, he falls also crying, the other two guys run away as soon as I look at them, Kylie comes up to me smiling her head off

" you have got to teach me how to do that" she says, I laugh

" maybe, I didn't even know I could" we both laugh as we enter the building when the bell rings

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