The Choice is Yours

Follow Callie Tremblay on her long difficult trip through grade 10 where she must find out who she is and who her true friends are. A love interest comes into her life and makes her choose between him and her best friend. What will Callie do? Read to find out :)


4. Chapter 4

2265780205: Heey there cutie!

Me: Hey, are you ever going to tell me who you are?

2265780205: Probably not... You can guess though!

Me: Uh, okay.  I'm guessing we go to the same school right?

2265780205: Yup :)

Me: Please tell me that you're not Noah

2265780205: LMFAO why do you assume that I'm nose-picker Noah?!

2265780205: Trust me I am definitley not him

Me: Whew okay good!

2265780205: I am offended that you would assume I'm that gross ;)

Me: Sorry

2265780205: Well you're gonna have to make it up to me you know!

Me: How? I don't even know who you are

2265780205: That doesn't matter, we'll figure something out! ;)

"Callie who are you texting?" asked Alicia in a seductive voice.

"No one."


"What? You gave a name to the random guy who's texting me?"

"Yes duh! We can't just not give him a name, who do you think you are?" she said sarcastically

"Well I am Callie Nicole Tremblay, born March 15th 1998"

"Haha, you are so funny.  Notice how I am not even laughing" Alicia said as we both burst into non-stop laughter.

"So have you figured out who this guy who's texting you is?" asked Alicia as she looked over my shoulder, studying the number.

"No, but its not nose-picker Noah.." I answered as a smirk formed up on my face.

"Can I please ask all my close friends if they know who it is?" she begged.

"No because I don't want the world to know my entire social life."

"Aren't you just a bit curious at who is texting you?"

"Yes who wouldn't be?" I admitted.

"Okay so we have to come up with some other plan to figure out who this guy is!" Alicia said excitedly.

"Fine." I groaned.  Once Alicia had an idea, she would never give up until you let her have or do what she wanted.

"Okay so here's the plan I will ask Jon when he comes over tonight who's number it is! Is that good with you?"

"Yes because if I say no you will end up doing it anyway."

"True," she said as a evil smile appeared on her face.



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