The Choice is Yours

Follow Callie Tremblay on her long difficult trip through grade 10 where she must find out who she is and who her true friends are. A love interest comes into her life and makes her choose between him and her best friend. What will Callie do? Read to find out :)


3. Chapter 3

"Leesh I have to tell you something!!" 

"OH MA GAWD WHAT?" she screamed and as everyone in the halls started to stare.

"Shh, you're too loud," I whispered, "But remember how I lost my phone? I found it!"

"Hey its not my fault I'm from Puerto Rico, we're always loud! Really? Where?" Alicia asked. 

"Well it was just sitting there on my desk in science class.  But there's more!" I said.  Alicia looked at me, more intrigued than ever!

"Go on..."

"Well I was getting texts from this guy who says he found my phone and he was like majorly flirting!!"

"NO WAY! LEMME SEE!" she screamed and everyone looked over at us again.

"Fine" I said as I handed over my phone.

"Dammit, I don't know who's number that is! Awe he called you beautiful! And he already has a pet name for you!  I can hear wedding bells already!!!!"

"No, we don't even know who he is.  He could be some creep like nose-picker Noah.  Or a player like Josh."

"Don't worry, I will find out who's number this is.  I'll ask Jon if he knows whose number it is!!"

"Um, okay but just don't tell him why we need to know 'cause if it does end up being nose-picker Noah.. I really don't need Anna knowing! I'd never ever live it down." I begged.

"I won't don't stress over anything!!" she said as she gave me a hug.


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