The Choice is Yours

Follow Callie Tremblay on her long difficult trip through grade 10 where she must find out who she is and who her true friends are. A love interest comes into her life and makes her choose between him and her best friend. What will Callie do? Read to find out :)


2. Chapter 2

I continued on through the rest of the day without my phone! Which was brutal during civics because everyone texts instead of listening to Mr. Gava.  When I got home I had to sit through a 25 minute lecture about being more responsible to not lose my phone.  

As soon as I got to school the next day I went to the office to see if they had found a phone but all the secretary would do was tell me to get to class as she played with her dark brown hair.  No one ever likes her because she yells at everyone about everything! There are rumors going around that she doesn't eat enough so she's always cranky.

I walked into my science class and there it was.  I never thought I would be so happy to see my blackberry with the pink case in my entire life!! BUZZZ BUZZ BUZZ.  (***note this is a random bunch of numbers that i made up)

2265780205: Heeey

Me: Um hi who is this?

2265780205: your fav person in the whole word ;)

Me: Why?

2265780205: I found your phone duh!!

Me: Oh thanks!! 

2265780205: You are very welcome Callie Tremblay.  I got in trouble but it was 100% worth it.

Me: How do you know who I am? And why would you get in trouble for me if I don't even know who you are?!

2265780205: Everyone knows who you are, you're beautiful! They're all just too shy to say so.  Like me :$

2265780205: I gotta go to class, but I'll text you later cutie:*

My science class that day was the longest I've ever had to sit through because all I wanted to do was tell Alicia about this mystery guy and ask everyone I knew if they knew who's number that was!



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