That new girl

New girl Ashley Kennedy has travelled around the world for as long as she could remember. But for the very last time she's settling down. Starting her new school she meets a good looking boy named Justin Bieber. But Justin isn't the kinda guy Ashley expected him to be and he's also not the only boy interested in her...


6. Why so protective?

You were heading into the main school doors when suddenly you bumped into a tall blonde boy. You turned to say sorry when you realised who it was. Cody. 
"Hey Ashley, you go here?" Cody said, pointing to the school. You nodded and blushed, hoping he'd forgotten last night's adrenaline rush. "Well see you round?" You just nodded again and turned back to school. You paused at the main reception desk to check which room you needed to be in when Justin entered the room. 
"Aye, know where you're going?" Justin asked, walking towards you. 
"Not really... This school's huge compared to the others I've been in." You replied. 
"Here, I'll take you." Justin said, holding your hip and guiding you through the school. He gave you shivers as he pulled your body closer to his, his aftershave filling the room. A few people stopped to stare at you but Justin didn't care. He kinda seemed used to the attention. 
"So... How's your new home?" Justin asked. 
"It's nice. I'm fitting in well I guess." 
"Well if I was you I'd try step away from all the attention." Justin warned. You frowned at him as his eyes turned cold.
"Why?" You asked.
"Let's just say... If you get involved with the wrong kinda people around here, things can get messy." The tone of his voice sent chills down your spine so you kept your mouth shut. Soon enough you was at Music 2 and Justin kicked the door open for you and lead you in like a gentleman. 
"Guys shut up I got something to say!" Justin yelled and immediately everyone kept quiet. "Ashley's new as some of you know, let's all be friendly with her. But not too friendly. Ash, you can sit with me." His eyes again turned cold as he took you and sat you next to him at the back. The class slowly started talking and causing a riot again. 
"Justin... What did you mean by being too friendly?" You dared to asked. His eyes softened again as he turned to you.
"Some people around here see beautiful girls like you and take advantage of them. I'm not gonna let that happen to you. Promise." He replied and smiled. 
"Thank, it means alot." You said and slightly smiled. But you kept thinking 'why is he being so protective?'

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