That new girl

New girl Ashley Kennedy has travelled around the world for as long as she could remember. But for the very last time she's settling down. Starting her new school she meets a good looking boy named Justin Bieber. But Justin isn't the kinda guy Ashley expected him to be and he's also not the only boy interested in her...


2. Meeting Ariana

ou and Justin wandered up a couple of flights of stairs until he stopped at a door with the words 'Science sux' scratched across it. You smirked at the door, thinking that the school might actually be alright with some decent people inside it? 
"Here we are. Oh and here's your notebook. Keep it safe, it's got your timetable inside it. I'm in most of your lessons today, if not all of them so just ask me for help." Justin smiled confidently at you. You nodded and went to push the door open until Justin pulled the door back. You frowned at him in confusion.
"One thing I forgot... If anybody gives you any shit for being the new girl, just erm... Call me." He looked down at the ground as he said this shyly. You blushed a little at the words 'call me'. 
"Thanks Justin... I'll beware of the new-girl hunters, promise." You replied. You saw him giggle cutely as you shoved the door open. At first nobody noticed you were stood there, until one guy on the front row wolf-whistled and everyone turned to see where his attention was. You blushed and bowed your head until Justin stepped in front. 
"Guys this is Ashley, Ashley these are the fuckers you'll have to put up with for the rest of the year!" Everybody laughed at Justin's remark, including you. But it surprised you at the lack of teachers...
"Ummm, Justin where should I sit?" You asked quietly. He turned and smiled at you.
"If you're a nerd you can sit at the front, but if you're one of us you can get a decent seat..."
You frowned at his statement, "Do I really seem like a nerd?" 
Justin looked you up and down and replied "Come sit at the back with us, I swear we could get away with murder where we sit!" You smiled and followed him to the end of the classroom. You took your seat next to Justin and a small, pretty red-haired girl. 
"Hi, I'm Ariana. Nice to meet you Ashley." She whispered. 
"Nice to meet you too Ariana, so what happened to all the teachers around here?" You replied.
"Oh erm... he ate them." She giggled, pointing towards a rather chubby guy on front row. You couldn't help but laugh at her cheeky comment. Justin turned to you, "Teachers should be here soon... I think? But I don't care they can stay away as long as they want." You nodded in agreement and changed the subject,
"You said you could get away with murder on this back row, what have you actually got away with?" You smiled deviously at him as he put on his thinking face.
"Well... We once managed to watch the full movie of Forest Gump on my iPad?"
You started laughing at the stupidity of the teacher and also at the fact they actually got away with that. 
"I'm impressed!" You giggled. 
"You should be! But I bet us two could get away with more..." Justin winked and then turned his head to the front. You blushed at the way he flirted but then your heart dropped as you realised he was probably like this with all girls. You turned your attention to Ariana again. 
"So... Erm... Do you have a boyfriend?" You asked stupidly. 'Shit. It sounds like I'm hitting on her!' You thought. 
"No... I've learnt not to trust guys around here, you?" 
"No... I travel too much."
"Oh." She replied and turned her attention to a tall male entering the room. You guessed that he was your science teacher. A very late science teacher. 

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