That new girl

New girl Ashley Kennedy has travelled around the world for as long as she could remember. But for the very last time she's settling down. Starting her new school she meets a good looking boy named Justin Bieber. But Justin isn't the kinda guy Ashley expected him to be and he's also not the only boy interested in her...


11. Like a nightmare

Justin must have noticed that you weren't concentrating and turned to see what you was looking at. As soon as he too saw it, he immediately began rowing to the land. Your hands began to shake and you felt sick as you saw the top half of a dead body on the water. Your head began to spin as you stood up and ran. Your legs seemed to take control of themselves as you climbed over the wall and back through the dirty streets. You didn't turn back, not even for Justin. You didn't care at this moment in time, you just needed to get home and forget this ever happened. You sprinted through your neighbourhood and into your house. You slammed the door shut and locked it quickly. Images of the lifeless body raced through your mind again and again. You ran to the bathroom and threw up for minutes. You couldn't believe what you had just seen. You walked to your room, clutching your stomach and lay on your bed. 
"Are you ok honey?" Your mom asked, standing in the doorway. 
"Yeah." Was all you could spit out. 
"You look really sick? Tomorrow you should stay at home." She said solemnly. You kinda liked that idea but then jumped up. You hated the idea of laying in bed, imagining the dead body again and again. 
"I'll go to school. I'm fine." You piped up. Your mom raised her eyebrows. 
"Are you sure?" She questioned suspiciously. You nodded, looking cheerful. 
"Yep." Your mom looked you up and down. 
"Ok well if you're sick again, tell me and then you're definitely not going." She replied and walked out. You took a sigh of relief and slumped back on your bed. You had crap choices now. Either stay in bed and let that corpse haunt you or go to school and face up to Justin. Justin it was.

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