That new girl

New girl Ashley Kennedy has travelled around the world for as long as she could remember. But for the very last time she's settling down. Starting her new school she meets a good looking boy named Justin Bieber. But Justin isn't the kinda guy Ashley expected him to be and he's also not the only boy interested in her...


15. Jariana?

You and Ariana left for the shopping centre, leaving Ari's poor maid to clean up.
"So I was thinking we could meet up with some people? No offence but you could really get some more friends." Ari said happily. 
"Haha no offence taken. So who are we meeting?" You replied, laughing.
"Well... There's some guys! They're all super cute. And I mean super cute! There's Beau... But he's got a girlfriend, you'll love her to bits she's awesome. Then there's Jai and well... You can't have him either. And James is taken...But Luke's free? And Skip? Yup Luke and Skip are both single." She gossiped. 
"So... Does Jai have a girlfriend?" You asked. She hesitated for a few moments. 
"No. Well not yet anyway." She giggled and turned to wink at you. 
"Go get him." You winked back. You arrived at the shopping centre and headed inside. You worked your way through the inside streets of clothing, jewellery, food and shoe stores and spent a fortune. 
"Fuck Ashley! How much cash did you bring?" Ari gazed at your bags.
"I have my dad's credit card." You explained.
"You're gonna be in so much trouble." She laughed.
"It's all worth it." You smiled and carried on walking. Ari's phone started ringing with the song 'Applause' by Lady Gaga. 
"Hello?...yeah...with Ash...ok where about?...5 ya!" She spoke. "It was Jai, he says to meet them at the ice-cream parlour in 5 minutes." 
"Love to." You replied and both stepped onto the escalator. You and Ari ordered 2 toffee waffle flavoured ice-creams and sat in the 1950's style parlour. 
"So... What's going on with you and Jai?" You hinted. Ari blushed and glanced at the floor.
"Well I'm dying to ask him out, but I'd rather him ask me? He's just super cute and adorable and-" 
You fiercely kicked her under the table. "What was that for?" She complained. 
She turned around and saw Jai looking directly at her. 
"You must be Jai?" You asked. "Heard a lot about you." Ari kicked you back underneath the table and glanced up at Jai. 
"Hey, come sit." She mumbled. It was so obvious that Jai had heard Ariana talking about her. 
"So... You're Ashley?" Jai asked, turning to you. 
"Yeah that's me." You replied, smiling at him and Ariana. 
'Cute couple.' You thought. 
"Nice to meet you Ash. The other boys are coming now, Beau's buying something for his girl." Jai smirked. 
"Awh how cute." You mumbled.
"So Alicia's coming?" Ari asked Jai. He nodded. "Alicia's Beau's girl. You'll get on so well, trust me." She said. 
"Yeah she's so sweet, and funny. I swear I cry every-time I'm around her. She's too fucking funny." Jai laughed. Ari giggled in agreement.

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