That new girl

New girl Ashley Kennedy has travelled around the world for as long as she could remember. But for the very last time she's settling down. Starting her new school she meets a good looking boy named Justin Bieber. But Justin isn't the kinda guy Ashley expected him to be and he's also not the only boy interested in her...


16. Broken

Alicia and Beau arrived 5 minutes later. 
"Hey guys." Beau said cheerily, taking a seat. 
"Hey." Alicia said, sitting next to you. 
"Alicia, Beau, this is Ashley... She's kinda new to this town." Jai introduced. 
"Hi, nice to meet you." Alicia introduced joyfully. 
"Nice to meet you too, pretty name by the way." You replied. 
"Awe thanks! This is my boyfriend Beau." She said, gesturing to Beau. 
"Hi." You greeted. 
"Hey Ashley." Beau replied. You had all been talking for about ten minutes when Jai said,
"Guys I have to go."
"Don't go! Stay." Ariana whispered. 
"I gotta go. I'm meeting my girl in ten." He explained. 
"Your...girl?" Ariana whispered. 
"Yeah. Avril Lavigne? Know her? We've been dating for around 6 weeks now, we kept things private for the first 4 weeks though. So see ya later." Jai said, smiling at you all and heading off. You saw Ariana's face turn cold and she looked like she was about to cry. Suddenly you felt so sorry for her. You sat in silence for a few minutes until Ariana chirped up. 
"Hey why not have a party at Ashley's? She's got the house to herself and it's huge? You up for it?" She smiled. 
"Erm... Sure?" You muttered. You didn't really want a party but if it made Ari happy without Jai...?
"Yey! Let's go get this started, you guys coming?" Ari said, turning to Alicia and Beau. 
"Yeah sure..." Alicia replied, giving you a weak smile. It was obvious that Beau and Alicia knew Ariana liked Jai. 
"Who are we gonna invite?" Beau asked. Ariana stood up to leave and replied,

* * * * 
This fan-fiction is dedicated to my girl Alicia Ripley, she's an amazing friend and means so much to me :3 
{Sorry I haven't been updating much and this chapter is short but I've been having a few troubles at the minute, I'll start posting more - thanks for reading!} 

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