That new girl

New girl Ashley Kennedy has travelled around the world for as long as she could remember. But for the very last time she's settling down. Starting her new school she meets a good looking boy named Justin Bieber. But Justin isn't the kinda guy Ashley expected him to be and he's also not the only boy interested in her...


10. All good until...

Justin gazed into your eyes and pulled you towards the small wooden canoe. You hated water ever since your cousin almost drowned in front of your eyes. You stood, frozen in panic. 
"What's the matter?" Justin asked, sounding genuinely worried. 
"I can't... I can't go near the water." You stumbled. He frowned in confusion.
"Why? What's the matter?" 
"It's easy to drown in... I can't, I'm sorry but I'm not going in that canoe." You said firmly. He held your hands in his strong palms and looked at you with his beautiful brown eyes. 
"I'm with you. You've got me ok?" He whispered. Shivers ran down your spine and you couldn't help but nod your head and agree to go. 
'What the fuck is wrong with me?' You thought. 
As you stepped closer and closer to the water, your legs began to shake. Justin clutched onto your hip, holding you up. 
"It's ok Ashley, it's a boat. You're not gonna touch the water." He smiled. You quickly shook your head and glanced at the pool ahead of you. Justin climbed into the canoe and held out his hand. You trembled at the flashback of your poor little cousin screaming, water surrounding her, filling her lungs. But you stepped inside anyway. The canoe slightly rocked, making you stumble. You steadily sat down on the wooden bench and took a deep breath. 
"Just relax." Justin whispered calmly. He gently kicked the side of the land to get the boat moving and you were soon drifting across the water. Slowly but surely you got used to being in the canoe and started gazing at the scene in front of you. 
"Ashley... There's something I need to ask you." Justin said, looking kinda nervous. You looked up into his eyes. 
"Sure go ahead." You smiled. But as Justin started talking you realised something sinister in the background. Something drifting along the water. You tried to concentrate on Justin but this thing... This horrible, blood curdling thing was in the background. At this moment in time, it felt like you was in some kind of nightmare. 

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