Talk that talk (One Direction)

Summary: The year is 2018 and One Direction is no longer a band. Harrys live is ruined, one night stands and to much work, the only thing he needs is love and safety. Liams life is on it's way to the ground, Danielle where the one who kept him up. But she left him, and Liam really needs help. Everybody think that Zayns life is fantastic, but it was only fantastic with One Direction. Louis life is from the papparazis and from every teenage girls point of view normal, but when you have been a part of one of the greatest boybands through time, you are'nt normal. Niall where already on the ground when One Direction splitted. Niall had a depression, and he still has it, when he needed the lads the most, they were'nt there. His psykologist daughter were the one who talked and encouraged him.


1. One Direction or Five? *Prologue*

By Kassandra Summer.
From an oficially source it sounds that the boys from One Direction, have broken up.
It's clearly to hear that many 'Directioner' don't want to admit that there's no longer a band called One Direction.
At some way, no one want to admit it, also there manager won't.
"I don't Know, I would'nt belive it, even if I knew. But I hope it's a Lie"
The manager Paul said at a pressconference, is he just telling a lie or is it truth?
Here the other day our reporter met Harry Styles from One Direction, he said this when our reporter afsked him about One Direction:
"I'm solo, everything went wrong and One Direction is no longer my problem"
But can we be sure that this is'ent a media stunt, and if it's truth, what happens to the rest of the members?




If any of this seems taken from another story called "Talk that talk", then it's me who published it.

My other user is called "Who do you think?"

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