The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


5. The Photo Booth

2 weeks later…:

You’ve been at Liams apartment for 2 weeks now, and the bond between the two of you is growing stronger and stronger every day – and so is your love for him. You still haven’t told anyone, but you have a huge crush on Liam, and have had that, since the first time you looked him, in the eyes.

“Juuuuuuuliiiiiiiiiiiiieee!” Liam yells from the bathroom. You are standing in front of the mirror, doing your makeup, but you know Liam! When he call at you that way, you might as well go see what he wants you to do, cause he’ll keep screaming if you don’t. “Yeah what is it, Li?” you say, and lean against the door. Then you realize that he’s wearing nothing but a towel around the waist. “Liam, the next time you call me, could you please put on some clothes first!” you say joking, throwing another towel at him. “I can’t figure out which perfume is the best?” he says, and hands you 2 perfumes. “This one!” you say, and hands him the Lacoste-perfume. “Thanks, love!” “no prob!”
“Hey LIAMSE! What time is it?” “Eleven! We have to be ready in 15 minutes!” “Gotcha!”

... 5 minutes later…
“Dooneee! How do I look?” you say, and walk up to Liam, who’s still at the bathroom. “Amazing as always, babe” “You too, handsome! You ready?” “Yeah”. Liam takes the car-keys on the kitchentable, and you’re out of the apartment. Today you’re going to a carnival with Zayn, Perrie, Louis, Eleanor and Harry – while Niall’s out on a date.

You had planned to meet the others outside, and when they finally arrived, you said ‘hi’ to everyone, and tried a couple of things together, before Zayn and Perrie disappeared. Now it was only Louis, Eleanor, Harry, Liam and you. You tried a couple more things, before Louis, Eleanor and Harry suddenly disappeared. “I don’t think they like us - Are you sure you put on the perfume, I chose?”  you say, and push Liam a little. You both laugh, and he pushes you back. Suddenly he takes your hand, and you start running. “Liam, where are we going?” Then he finally stops running. You are standing outside a photo booth. “Come on, I wanna take some pictures with you” “ehm… Okay?” you say, and walk inside the photo booth with Liam. The first couple of pictures are just a lot of silly-pictures, but then something strange happens. It’s like everything stops. Time, Movement – everything. You’re just looking into Liams eyes. Suddenly his hand touches yours, and in the same moment his lips hits yours. *CLICK!* In that split-second his lips hit yours, the last picture is taken. At first you both start laughing, but then you kiss again, this time for a little longer – and a little more passionate.


This and the next chapter I'll upload, was originally written as one chapter, but I didn't want to reveal too much already... But I hope you like it anyway! :D 
BTW.... THEY KISSED!!!!!!! :D <3

- what do you think will happen next? Do you think this will complicate things, and how will the boys react to Liam kissing a fan?! - Will they ever know? 


Yet another chapter uploaded, and we're getting closer and closer to the end! - LOL! Relax - I'm just getting started! xD

But yeah, I just wanna take this opportunity to thank, the ones who clicked like or favorite on this one. It truly means a lot, cause this is one of my all-time favorite fanfictions written by me :-) 

I hope you like it as much as I do ! xx 

Huge Nialler-hug to every single one of you! <3 
~ Julie xx 

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