The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


11. The Disney Store

It’s been a week since you had spoken to your daddy, and had gotten his permission to stay in London – now you just needed the government’s permission – which is exactly what you’re trying to do at this very moment. “Miss… Ehm… Michel…. Mik..kel…sen” “Mikkelsen, that’s me!” you say, and introduce yourself to the man, calling out your name. “So your papers look really good… Why do you want to move to London? If I may ask?” the man asks, as he sits down at his desk. “My boyfriend is from the UK, and he has asked me to move in with him...” you say, and start smiling by the thought of Liam. “Well, I have to contact that boyfriend of yours, and ask if that’s the case – normal procedure – and then we’ll get back to you. Are you currently staying at your boyfriend’s place?” “Yes, I am” you say, and give him the address. “We’ll send some papers that you and Liam, will have to fill out, and then you are officially an UK-citizen” “Thank you so much! Have a nice day” you say, and leave the room, and then the building.

You pick up your phone, and call up Liam. “Hey babe” Liam says when he picks up the phone “How did it go?” he continues. “They’ll send some papers we have to fill out and return, and when that’s done, I’m officially living in London!” you say, and can’t stop smiling “Great! Where are you now?” “Oxford street, by the Disney Store – why?” “Stay there! I’ll come pick you up - be there in a minute!” Liam says, and hangs up. Short after your phone rings again – Liam. You pick it up “You just hang up? What it is babe?” you say, and laugh a little “I forgot to tell you, that I love you” Liam says, and you can hear in his voice, that he’s making that ‘Baby’s upset face’. “Aww I love you too, baby! See you soon!” you say, just as a door opens behind you, and Liam gets out “Yup, you did!” he says, and laughs. You give him a kiss, and a big hug. He takes your hand, and drags you in, into the Disney Store.


“WOW!” you say, as it’s your first time being in this Disney Store. “It’s like a Disney-paradise… I must have gone to heaven!” Liam giggles a little, and you realize that you said that out loud. “Pick up whatever you want” Liam says, and squeezes your hand. “No baby, I can’t I don’t want you to buy me stuff” you say, feeling a little guilty. Although you really want a Cinderella-doll! Cinderella had always been your favorite Disney-princess. You would always dress up like her, when you were watching the movie, and it really made you feel like you were a part of the movie – now you were living your own fairytale, with Liam as your prince, and you didn’t really need her anymore. As you were standing there – thinking, Liam had gone to the desk to for pay something. “Hey babe, I’m back! Well, I have to go to rehearsals now, you wanna come?” he says, and grabs your hand “Sure!” you say and smile. “Let’s go then! We’ll stop by Starbucks on the way” he says, as he gets into the car “Okay” you say and stare at road through the window. “Ohh here, by the way!” Liam says, and hands you a bag. It’s from the Disney store. You look down, and you see a Cinderella-doll. You smile, and look at Liam. You lean over an give him a huge kiss  on the cheek, as he’s driving and you don’t want him to kill both of you in a car-accident!

“You like it?” he says, and looks quickly at you. You nod “I love it! How did you know?” “You showed me one of your baby-pictures. You were sitting, watching Cinderella with your Cinderella dress on.” He says, and smiles. “You’re amazing you know that?” you say, and smile – GOD you love this boy. The way he makes you feel when he talks to you, it’s like you’re still fangirling inside, and when he looks you in the eyes, or touches you, a billion butterflies suddenly appears in your stomach, and makes everything seem so much brighter and amazing. Not to talk about when you kiss…! Awwwhhh… You sigh a little, and Liam looks at you. “I love when you smile like that. I can see by the look in your eyes that you are thinking about something, and then that wonderful smile of yours slowly appears on your face. I can’t help falling a little more in love with you, every time you smile” Liam says, and squeezes your leg, with his free hand… 


Yes, I am a huge fan of Disney, and I pretend to live in a fairytale - don't judge me! :-) xx 

~ Julie xx 

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