The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


1. Meet&Greet

You’ve just been at your very first One Direction concert, and now, it’s finally time for you to meet the boys, in a meet-and-greet. Your daddy had bought you the tickets for your birthday, and to be honest, it was the bestest birthday-gift ever! “Next!” the security-guard behind the desk yells out loud. There is so much noise backstage, everyone is so stoked, and you can’t blame them, cause so are you. You’d be yelling and screaming too, if it wasn’t for the fact, that you are just about to meet your idols! You walk up to the security-guard, and smile a little insecure. “What’s your name?” he says, and smiles politely back at you. “Julie Mikkelsen” you say, and show him, the backstage-pass. “Mikkelsen… That doesn’t sound very British, where are you from, sweety?” ”I’m from Denmark” you say, and is surprisingly calm. ”Oh, like Helene” he says, and smiles. “Yup!” “Talking of Helene, there she is! HELENE!” he calls out, and she turns around, and walks towards us. “This girl – Julie – is from Denmark, like you” the security says and Helene, introduces herself – like you didn’t know who she is!? You talk for a little while, before her phone starts ringing, and she goes away to pick up the phone. “So you’re the last one tonight?”  the security-guard, Paul, asks. You nod “Yeah, it looks like it” you say and smile. You’d heard a lot about Paul, but never imagined him, to be so nice and friendly. “Lucky for you, the last M&G is always the longest, because the boys don’t have to hurry on to the next fan.” “But don’t they have somewhere they need to be? Or be resting? ” “Not today, the boys have a couple of days of now, so they usually stay here, until the cleaning is done, and then they head home” “ohh… I’m so nervous!” you say and look at your watch. “Don’t be love, they’re going to love you – Trust me!” and with those words, the door opens, and it’s time for you to meet One Direction!

You walk into their dressing room, and inside the boys, are all standing in a row, waiting to introduce themselves. “Hi! My name is Julie” you say, and put your hand towards them. But Niall – as the first in the row, pulls you into a big Horan-hug. You smile and laugh a little. When you are done hugging, you all sit down in the couches in the middle of the room – Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis in one couch, and Liam and you in the other. “So tell us a little about you” Louis says, and smiles while he gets up, and walks to the fridge, standing in the corner. “My name is Julie, and I’m a 17 year old girl, from Denmark…” “That’s where Helene’s from too! You’ve got to meet her!” Niall says, and gets up, to get his phone to call Helene “No need to, I met her, while I was waiting to get in here” you say and Niall looks at you with that big smiley-face. “So do you have any siblings?” Liam asks, and looks at you with those amazing eyes. “yeah, two younger siblings, and an older brother. But I don’t see them, that often.” “Why not?” all the boys ask at the same time. They look at each other, and you all start to laugh a little. “My older brother I haven’t seen in approximately 10 years, and my parents are recently divorced, and my younger siblings are living with my mom, whereas I’m living with my dad” “ohh, I’m so sorry” Louis says, and jumps back into the couch and places a cola at the table in front of you. “Don’t be! It’s a relief to finally be able to relax. My mom and I have a really bad relationship, and argue quite a lot” “Ohh…” they all say, and once again you giggle a little. “What about you and your dad, then?” says, and sounds really curious, and somehow worried. “He’s like my best friend! We’re having so much fun, and I really enjoy living with my daddy – I’ve always been daddy’s girl - Even though he can be quite embarrassing!” “Good”

You sit there and talk for quite a while – 2 hours to be more precise! And the conversation is still going strong. You don’t feel like it’s your idols you’re talking to at all, more like your best friends. “So babe!” Louis starts “Yeah, what Lou?” Harry answers and you all laugh, “Not you, moron! Julie! Who’s your favorite from One Direction?” he continues. “LOUIS! You can’t ask a girl such a hard question! I don’t even think that there’s an answer to that question… Well, let’s see… Nialler… Ohh where to begin?! First of all, that accent is the most adorable thing, I’ve ever heard! And that smile, and the fact that you play guitar…! *SIGH* Zayn… You’ve got the voice of an angel, and the way you treat Perrie… Every girl wants a boy to make her feel like a princess, and you certainly can! And those eyes, and your creativity… There are no words.” You smile a little, and then look at Harry, “Harry. Those curls! Normally I’d never mention this to anyone… It’s kind of a secret… But every girl, likes something to hold on to, when she’s making out with a boy” you say and wink a little to Harry. “Uhh…. Julie has a dirty side too!” he says, and smiles really self-consciously “Every girl does, they’re just afraid to show it! Well… On to Louis… Boo-bear… first of all – dat ass!” you say, and everyone laughs! “Sorry, had to mention it! But yeah, your humor, your extremely non-existing dancing-skills and just the way you are, and as I said to Zayn.. You know how to treat a girl like a princess!” then you turn around to look at Liam, while you tell him what you like about him. But as you look into his eyes, something strange happens. You feel the blood streaming towards your cheeks, and you start blushing. You try to hide it, and pray that no one noticed! “Liam – or Liamse, as some of us call you! The way, that you seem so innocent, but still look so freaking good and – yes, sexy….! I don’t know how you do it, but you make so many girls go CRAZY inside. You’re so thoughtful and kind and polite, but still in a way that it isn’t annoying. And that smile, and those eyes…. And not to speak about that six-pack! You’re just… ” “Aww…. JULIE’S FALLING IN LOOOOOVEEE!!!” Harry yells out, and you quickly shake your head. Wow! The way you looked into his eyes and the way he looked into yours while you said all those things…. You quickly carried on.. “so as you see, I can’t possibly pick a favorite between you… You’re all perfect!”

“HEY GUYS! I just got an amazing idea!” Louis screams at the top of his lungs… This must be a really great idea! “Julie, you’re living at a hotel right now – right?”  “Yeah?” “For how long?” “I’m staying here 2 weeks, maybe more, if my daddy sends me more money? Why?” “Louis, what is your big plan?” Niall asks and looks weirdly at Louis. “We stop by Julies hotel on the way home, picks up her stuff and she'll stay with us for a couple of days. The boys cheer up Louis… “But Louis, I can’t? I mean, you only have a couple of days off, you should spend, at least some of them with Eleanor, and I don’t wanna in your way, of doing that” you say, a little sadly, cause you really wanna go with them. “You’ll stay at my place then!” Liam says quickly and you look surprised at him, he smiles really kindly at you and you decide to do what the boys say. “Okay then” you say, still looking at Liam. The boys get out of the couches, and hurries to the door. You hadn’t even realized they had gotten up yet. All you see is a hand, reaching out for you. “come on love” Liams voice says, and you look up at him. You take his hand, and he helps you up. 


The very first chapter in this fantiction! 

Personally I really love this story so far, and I just hope, I don't screw it up! 


- I hope you like it as much as I do! xx

~ Julie xx 

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