The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


14. I love you ...

You take Liams hand and the two of you walk into the other dressing room where the other boys are. "Hi guys" Niall says and look a little worried at you. Liam sit down on the couch and pull you down, to sit on his lab. You lean back and lay against Liam - feeling his warmth and with his arms wrapped around you. You smile a little and feel Liam kissing you on your neck. "So everything OK?" Zayn asks and sit down on the other couch and look at you. You nod and give him a little smile. 

"WAIT! Don't you guys have a concert to play?!" You say and get up on your feet, feeling a little dizzy again. "Liam cancelled tonight's concert to take care of you, and make sure you're alright" Harry says, and walks up to Louis who's standing by the mirror. "Hell to the no! You're not cancelling! Are the fans still out there?" you say and look at Louis, who push a button to some kind of speaker, which pretty much answers your question. You hear a lot of screaming, singing and talking, and you know how much these people want to meet these boys! "Then get the hell out there! And I'm not taking a no for an answer!" you say, and clap your hands. "GO, GO, GO, GO, GOOOOOO!" you hurry at them while smiling. "You're the best, you know that?" Liam says on his way out on stage "yeah I do, now get the hell out on stage!" you say and smile even more, knowing that he's out doing what he loves - and that those fans don't have to go home without seeing their idols play! "Hey! I forgot something!" Liam says into the microphone, running off the stage. You look confused when he returns. He grabs your hand and drag you up on stage. Woow! Everything looks huge from up here! "Hi everyone! This is my girlfriend Julie, and these next songs I'd like to dedicate to you! I love you babe" he says and the boys start singing. They sing a bunch of love songs. The fans scream, sing and sway along to the music. Some even take out their phones, turn on the screen and small lights appear in the crowd almost like fireflies. It's absolutely beautiful. You smile like crazy when you see a couple in front of the stage, holding hands looking at each other while singing along to the songs. You look to Liam and see that he's giving you the exact same look that the boy in the crowd gives his girlfriend. You smile, when you realize that Liam just told the world, that he loves you. You wish that you could tell the world that you love him just as much - that you could make him as happy as he makes you. Give him an experience like this. 
You slowly walk of stage and backstage to Lou and Gemma who's watching the show on a little screen. "Amazing, right?" Gemma says and you can only nod. You're speechless. A tear makes it's way down your cheek, and Lou pulls you into a hug and wipe the tear away "You're so perfect for each other, and you can really see how much love there is between you. Like nothing else matters as long as you're together..." she says and caress your arm. "Well... Nothing really matters when I'm with him...." you say and look at Liam on the screen. You smile, and can't believe how much in love you are.... 


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