The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


10. Hi daddy.....

“Soooo…” you say, and look at Liam, who’s eating some of the breakfast he got to make “What do you wanna do today?” you continue, while eating some breakfast too. “The boys and I are going back on tour in 2 days, so how about we just hang out at home, order some food, watch a bunch of movies, and relax?” damn, you had forgot all about Liam being famous, and that he has to go back on tour. All you wanted was to be home with Liam every single day. Just have fun and be you.
“What’s up babe?” Liam says, and brings you back to reality, from what might have been one of the best dreams you had ever had! “Ahh, nothing” “Didn’t look like nothing to me” he says, and looks worried at you. “It’s just that I kinda forgot that you had to go back on tour, and…” you say, and suddenly realizes something.. “Ohh shit!” you say and hurry into Liams bedroom, and try to look for your phone “babe, what’s wrong?” Liam says, running after you. “I’ve totally forgot to call my dad! I haven’t spoken to him since the day I got here – which means, he’s expecting me home – IN DENMARK tomorrow” “Ohh! Here use my phone!” he says, and hands you his phone. Normally you wouldn’t agree to use someone else’s phone, but you had to call your dad. You look at Liam and smile, then you type in your fathers cell-number, and press ‘call’. “Ja?” “Hey daddy, it’s me – your daughter, who totally forgot that she was supposed to call you every day, and therefore haven’t called you for the past two weeks?” you say, and both Liam and your dad starts laughing. “Well, if we have to speak English.. I’m glad you’re fine. I must say, I was a little worried, but I figured you were fine since you definitely would have called me if something had happened!” your dad replies, and laugh a little again “I wouldn’t if I were dead, you know? Well, anyways… I have something I need to talk to you about?” “That sure doesn’t sound good?” “Well, it depends on who you want to be happy?” you say, and a bit of sadness strikes you. “I’ve met this really amazing boy, and we’re kinda in a relationship.. Or not kinda... We ARE in a relationship” you say and look at Liam, as an apology to you almost hiding your relationship. “But.. Yeah, I just wanted to ask you, if it’s okay, that I –instead of moving into an apartment in Denmark, that I move in with Liam?” “Who is Liam?” “He’s my boyfriend” “Is he around?” “Yeah, he’s right next to me. Why?” “Let me talk to him” your daddy says, and you feel a little worried, what is he gonna say to him? “…Okay!” you say after a while “But be nice.. He really means a lot to me!” then you hand the phone to Liam, with a look in your eyes saying ‘he wants to talk to you’. Liams takes his phone, but strangely enough, he doesn’t look scared or nervous at all. “It’s Liam” He says, and you smile. You can’t believe that your boyfriend is talking to your daddy?! “Hi Liam. I’m Kim – Julie’s father… So she tells me that the two of you has started dating now, and that she wants to move in with you?” your daddy says, and you giggle a little, as you can hear every word of the conversation. “Yeah, that’s right” Liam says with a confident smile on his face. “Well… Welcome to the family then! Take good care of my daughter, and I expect to see the two of you very soon?” “Of course” “Thanks Liam, will you let me have a word with my daughter again” and with those words, Liam hands you the phone again “I know you were listening, so did I do okay?” your daddy says, and you can hear on his voice that he’s smiling. “yeah you did fine, dad. So can I stay?” “Yeah, you can stay…” he says, and a feeling of joy spreads throughout your entire body “…If!” “Ohh, I knew that there’d be an ‘IF’” “If… you promise to come visit every now and then!” “I promise too, Love you daddy!” “love you too honey”

“I CAN STAY!!!” you scream and jump into Liams arms, now you and Liam were officially living together! 


Not exactly what you expected to happen, huh? No I know! 


Well, while I have you all here I have some exiting news for me, but not as much for you! As some of you might know, my parents got divorced 2 months ago, which means that I had to move and stuff... Anyways, I had to apply to another school (some kind of college - Gymnasium, in Danish), and I was told that I might now be able to start until next year, but this morning a lady called, and I GOT IN! She said that my grades were so good, that she'd let me in anyway! I'M SO HAPPY! Unfortunately that means that I won't have that much time to write - which I'm really sorry about! Anyways, I'll make it up to you, by writing a bunch of chapters today, and the rest of this week, and just upload it as I've done now - then hopefully you won't even notice! xD xx

~ looooove Julie xx 

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