The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


8. Can't Fall Asleep...

You’ve been lying in bed for 2 hours now, and can’t fall asleep. At one hand, you just wanna go lay down next to Liam, but on the other hand, you don’t wanna wake him up, as he went to bed 1½ hour ago. You decide to go see if he’s asleep. You walk to what you believe is his bedroom, and knock on the door. You open it very carefully, and go inside. “Hey babe, why aren’t you asleep?” Liam says worried, and gets out of bed. “No, no. Lie down love…” you say, and walk over to his bed, and sit down on the side of the bed. "I cant fall asleep. I've been lying in the guest room staring at the blank ceiling for God knows how long... Do you think I could maybe sleep in here? Only if you don't mind?” “Come here” he says, and moves the blanket – letting you under it. You lay up against him, with your head on his chest. “Julie?” “Yeah?” “I love you…” you look at Liam, and smiles “I love you too Liam! I really, really do!” “You don’t know how happy I am, to hear that! It’s been so hard not to show you, how crazy I am about you!” “Talking about showing each other… I might not have known anything about it, but Eleanor, Perrie, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn did! ” “I don’t care… I got you anyway, and that’s all that matters!” he says, and kisses you passionately. He starts biting your lip, gently and you separate his lips slowly, and evolve the kiss. Your tongues play a little, and within seconds, Liam is lying on top of you, still kissing you. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer. Your heart start racing like crazy and your entire body is reacting to every touch made by Liam. His hands discovering your body, making every single part of your body tickle. You moan a little, and Liam smile. He pull away a little bit, and looks you in the eyes. “Am I still innocent?” you bite your lip, and smile at Liam, with a dirty look in your eyes. “Maybe… But I’m not!” you say, and pulls him down, and wrap your legs around his waist.

Suddenly the doorbell starts ringing like crazy, and you quickly get out of bed, and Liam go opens the door. “Hi bro, where’s Julie?” “Niall? You do know that it’s like 4 AM? Right?” Liam says, and laughs a little – well aware, that if Niall had known, he would have waited till tomorrow. “Is it that late, I’m so sorry bro! I was at this date, with this really amazing girl, and I guess it got pretty late?” “Oh yeah, well we’re awake anyway! Come in, and tell me about this amazing girl” Liam says, and invites Nialler inside his apartment. You put on one of Liam’s sweatshirts and go out to the kitchen, where you find Niall and Liam. You look at Liam, standing in the middle of the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of pants. “Julie!” Niall says, and jumps out of the chair, to give you a Niall-hug. “Niaalleeer!” you say, and hug him back. “Julie? Why are you smelling like Liam, and you’re wearing his shirt, and…. Did you just come out of his bedroom?!” he says, and looks at you, then Liam, and then back at you. Liam and you look at each other, and bursts into laughter! “Well… Interesting things happen all the time, that’s what you get for bailing us, for some crazy girl…”  Liam starts out, and makes a sign with his eyes, telling you, to come stand by him. You do as he wants you to, and he wraps his arms around you. He looks at you, and you continue explaining Niall what happened at the Carnival earlier. “Liam took me to this photo booth earlier, and he, I mean we… Kinda…. Kissed?” “YOU WHAT?!” Niall interrupts, and looks at you, like he’s having a heart attack. “So now what? Are you a couple now?” “yeah, we are” “OMG! Why are you telling me this now?! I mean, does the guys know?” “Yeah, they saw the pictures, before we did…” Liam explains “Why am I always the last one to know?” Niall says, and makes that cute ‘baby’s-mad’ expression. “Because you’re always on a date, when anything fun happens!” Liam says, and starts laughing again, and then looks at you, and kisses you on the forehead. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.. But congrats you two!” “Thanks” Liam and you reply at the same time. You all laugh, and you decide to let Niall stay in the guest room for the night – you weren't gonna use it anyway! 



Thanks to the ones of you, who likes and clicked 'favorite' on this :-) It really means a lot!


"There is no bigger love, than the love between family..." 


One Love 
~ Julie xx 

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