The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


3. Breakfast-tea

The next morning…

It’s morning, you’re just about to wake up. You’ve still not opened your eyes, but you sense, that something is different. You hear a couple of boys’ voices – and you know perfectly well, who those voices belong to. You remember almost everything from last night. You started at the m&g, then you stopped by the hotel, you paid for one night, got your things and then drove to Louis’ house for a sleepover. You remembered you and Liams conversation in the bedroom, and that you’d watched a really scary movie, but from then on, everything was blurred out. You open up your eyes, to see Louis, Niall and Harry sitting in the couch, right above you. “Morning sunshine! Hope we didn’t wake you up” Louis says, and smiles at you “No you didn’t… I… Where’s Liam?” you say, wondering where he was “Look behind you princess, you’d been using him as a pillow all night” Harry laughs, and nod his head in Liams direction. “He didn’t wanna wake you up, so he decided to sleep on the floor” Louis explains, and suddenly you remember everything. After the horror-movie, Liam had recommended watching ‘Toy Story’ and so you did – or the boys did, cause about 15 minutes after the movie had started, you fell asleep in Liams arms. “OMG… That’s so embarrassing!” you say, and look to the floor “No it isn’t” Niall reassures you, and you smile again. Even though you think it’s a little embarrassing, you wouldn’t change a thing, cause never before, had you slept so well, and felt so safe.

You are in the kitchen, making some breakfast, when Liam (finally) wakes up. You hadn’t noticed that he was awake, before he walked into the kitchen, only wearing his underwear. “Morning babe” he says, and sits down on the chair behind you. “Morning pillow” you say and giggle – and so do Liam. “You shouldn’t have slept on the floor, just to avoid me waking up” you say, and hands him a cup of tea. “I know, but I wanted to” he says, and smiles at you. You were just about to sit down, at the chair on the other side of the table, when Niall sits down on it. “Niall! Haven’t you ever heard of the term ‘ladies first’ ?!” “Yeah, but I don’t follow it” he says and winks with his right eye. You sigh loudly, and Liam laughs at your reaction, before he claps two times on his lab, as a sign for you to sit there. You do as he says, and he places his hand on your bare leg (you’re only wearing a top and your hotpants). Of course Harry walks into the kitchen, while you’re sitting on Liams lab, and because it’s Harry, he doesn’t let this go without a comment… “First you sleep together, and now you’re sitting half-naked on his lab?! Normal people start dating first – you know!” he says, and laughs, and so do the rest of you. It’s so typically Harry, to say such things! “You’re just jealous, that there isn’t a half-naked girl sitting on your lab” you respond, and finally Harry shut up, and leave. “If it wasn’t because I barely know you, I would have kissed you, for saying that to Harry!” Niall says laughing, and then leaves the kitchen. Once again, there’s only Liam and you left in the kitchen.

“So what do you wanna do today?” he asks, taking a sip of his tea. “I was thinking about going shopping. I really need some new clothes, plus I’m practically having abstinences – I haven’t had a Caramel Frap. From Starbucks in more than 12 hours!” you say, and joke a little, you love making Liam laugh, the sound of his laughter, makes your hard beat faster, and makes your entire body melt. “Would you mind having a little company? Niall’s going to visit his mum. Zayn is spending the day with Perrie, Louis with El, and Harry is going to Cheshire.”  “No not at all. But put on some clothes first” you say, referring to his almost naked body. He gets up, and walks up to you, and standing so close to you, that you can feel the warmth from his body, on yours. “I thought you said you liked my body” he says, laying his hands on your hips while looking you in the eyes. Your entire body is going crazy, not to speak about your mind! You see his head moving closer to yours, and then he kisses you on the cheek. “Thanks for making me breakfast-tea” he says and leaves the kitchen. Leaving you completely out of control! 



Uhhhlala! Hope you like it! <3 

- Julie xx 

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