The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


4. Best Friends

Out shopping:

 “So about that Starbucks-thing…” Liam begins, after you’ve been shopping for 3 hours. “OMG! I totally forgot! I must be half-dead from abstinences now!” You say, when you realize that it’s been almost a day since your last Starbucks-visit! Since Starbucks moved to Denmark, you’d been at Starbucks every day, at least twice a day. “It’s because you are so freaking good-looking, I keep forgetting things!” you say, and give Liam a gently slap on the arm. Liam stops, as if you’d said something wrong, you look worried at him. “You really do?” “Yeah, kinda… But maybe it’s a good thing! Being a Starbucks-addict is really expensive in Denmark!” you say and grab Liams arm, and you walk arm-in-arm, laughing all the way to the nearest Starbucks. “2 caramel Fraps, please” Liam says to the girl behind the desk. It takes a while for her to wake up, and make the fraps – she’s obviously a directioner! You could tell by the look in her eyes, when she saw Liam. She obviously has Liam-feels too, ‘cause her smile faded quite a lot, when she saw you, holding hands with him. The Starbucks-directioner, makes the fraps, and then writes your names on them, and then hands them to you. Liam and you decide that Starbucks is a little too crowded, and heads for the park, on the other side of the road. All of the sudden you start laughing. Liam looks a little worried at you, but then you look at him, and shake your head, to stop laughing. “What?” he says, with that amazing smile, planted all over his face. “It’s just… That Starbucks-girl was so into you! Obviously a directioner with HUUGE Liam-feels!” you say, and start laughing again. “You think?” he says, not really sure, if he wants to believe it “positive! Look at your cup. 10 pounds, that she wrote her number on it!” “Deal!” he says, and looks at the cup. “Am I right?” you say, and still walk around giggling a little… “Yeah, she did write her number. But she also wrote that the two of us look cute together” suddenly you stopped laughing! Wait, WHAT!? Liam and you? Noo…. That couldn’t… You mean… Yeah…

Back at Louis’ apartment:

“Wait!” you say, as Liam is about to enter the apartment. “What if they’re not home?” “don’t worry babe, we all have a key to each other’s apartments” Liam enters the apartment, and you go get all of your bags in the living room. “Was that it?” Liam asks. “Yeah, I’ll just leave ‘em a note, to let them know, that we’ve picked up my things” “okay, I’ll wait in the kitchen”

“All done! Come on Liamse!” you say, and walk to the door “Liamse? What does that mean?” he says, smiling. “It’s something someone made up in a fanfiction I once read. It’s a mix between Liam and "bamse" – in English teddy-bear?...” you think about what you just said, and look at Liam, to see his reaction, he just stands there, smiling “But yeah, it sounds cute, so it fits you perfectly” you say, and keep walking out of the door, and to Liams car. 


Aww I really love how they have so much fun together, and seem so relaxed around each other! <3 I so want that to happen for me some day! But yeah, for now I'll just have to imagine! 



~ Julie xx 

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