The Photo Booth

The 17-year old, Danish girl, Julie is going to a Meet&Greet with her idols, One Direction! But something happens at this Meet&Greet.

- Read the story to find out what happens!


- Julie xx


17. Babe, what's wrong?

It's been a week since your nightmare about Liam leaving you. You haven't slept since the nightmare, because you're afraid, that if you do, he'll be gone when you wake up. You haven't told Liam about your dream either, because you are afraid of what he'll say. "Babe?" Liam says trying to drag you out of your imagination, but he doesn't succeed. 

"JULIE!" He says again and you finally turn around and look at him. "Babe, what's wrong?" you haven't slept for days and you barely eat?" Liam looks worried at you, but you just stare out into the air. "Julie? I'm starting to get a little worried here" he says and sits down on the couch right next to you."It's....." you try to say. You've been pondering whether or not to tell him... "It's nothing, I'm alright" you say trying to convince him that nothing serious happened. "You sure? As I said, you've barely been eating!" you can hear in his voice, that he really is worried and you try to comfort him a little. "I just haven't been really hungry lately - plus I need to loose some weight anyway!" you say and give him a smile "NO YOU DON'T!" he interrupts "Does this have anything to do with fans or hate or something like that?" Oooh, haven't thought of that. No you couldn't lie to Liam - not more, than you already have. "No. Look Liam - love. I'm fine. I really am" It looks like he is finally giving in. "Let me take you out to dinner tonight. I've been so busy lately and haven't given you nearly enough attention" I kinda hasn't. He's been so busy with preparing for the concerts and has barely been home. "Sure, I'd love to" you say, agreeing to Liam's request. "Great! Where do you wanna go?" His face has suddenly lighted up and a sudden joy and happiness fills his voice. "How 'bout Nandos? I've been craving for Nandos for DAYS now!" You really haven't but you really DO love Nandos! "Sure. I was thinking about something a little more romantic - but Nandos it is!" you smile and give him a quick kiss. "I love you more than anything!" he says and you smile bright - the first real smile in quite a while. "I love you too, Liamse" ...

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