savannah's dance

Poor savannah is left in a wheel-chair, after a car accident, leaving her with very little to no hope of fulfilling her biggest dream... to become a dancer.But will meeting a special idol help give her hope? read to find out more.


2. Who I am. (preview!)

Hello. My name is savannah. I am 19, have blonde hair, green eyes,freckles... what am I missing?...Oh! yes! And I am stuck in a wheelchair after an car accident 6 months ago. I may seem sour about it all, but who wouldn't be? at trial,when the idiot who crashed into my car was asked why he decided to start texting behind the wheel, his reply, and I quote, "I dunno. I wanted to know what was for tea." unfortunately, my dream, (ever since I could stand) is to be a professional dancer, seems impossible now. Of course physio therapy helps, but it is a long,slow and painful process. 

Nowadays music is the only thing that keeps me going, but good songs make me want to dance and... well... its difficult.

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