savannah's dance

Poor savannah is left in a wheel-chair, after a car accident, leaving her with very little to no hope of fulfilling her biggest dream... to become a dancer.But will meeting a special idol help give her hope? read to find out more.


3. tears of a crocodile.

"Savannah? Oh my God, SAVANNAH!!!" 


was my step-mum in the car with me?


why couldn't I move my legs?


"Am I dead?" I mumbled, scarcely aware of my step-mother being far too sweet. "You're awake? I mean, Darling! You are awake!" My overly sweet mother came closer to my barely concious side.

"Listen to me!" she spat in my ear. "do you still have the cash? Because, if not, then you can bet that you won't have a bed to sleep in OR a roof over your head, (at least not in My house!).""Anna! where am I?" "In hospital, you stupid,fat,idiot!"

One it is NOT her house. Nor is she my mother. In any other case I would have addressed her as my guardian, but to be addressed as that, you must look after a person, (not make their lives hell).

... Wait...


this was my chance, I knew where the money was, (in my hand bag at the bottom of my bed) and there was (hopefully) 156K still in it, (my late dad was a wealthy brain -surgeon, and was 'mysteriously' poisoned).

"'I'm sorry,Anna. please forgive me" I fake cried, trying to stop myself from smirking.

"Stop making me look like a heartless-cow! Euggghhhhh!"she cunningly whispered in my ear, to make it look like she was comforting me. "I'm sorry, but you know the rules."

Fine then!





(A/N) Hello! sorry it's short, (I'm dying with the cold X_X) but I'll try and make the chapters long soon. Rxxoxox








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