savannah's dance

Poor savannah is left in a wheel-chair, after a car accident, leaving her with very little to no hope of fulfilling her biggest dream... to become a dancer.But will meeting a special idol help give her hope? read to find out more.


6. losing it.

Niall's POV:

I lost it.

This girl...she starting crying, and it hit me. HARD.

But, she got up and struggled on, a fire of passion and determination burned in her beautiful green eyes.

She took two more steps, and I stood up, hot, salty tears streamed down my face, and I bolted.

When I see a girl crying, I feel this instinct to run and help, but with her... I don't know her name, but I know it's different... 

I bolted through the doors, and she looked surprised up at me... I froze, she broke down and i ran to her, cradling her in my arms, as I heard someone whisper "Savannah" so I guessed that was her name... it suited her very well, a beautiful girl, but with a seemingly wild personality. I was staring into her eyes, lost in them.


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