savannah's dance

Poor savannah is left in a wheel-chair, after a car accident, leaving her with very little to no hope of fulfilling her biggest dream... to become a dancer.But will meeting a special idol help give her hope? read to find out more.


7. Face-palm.

Savannah's POV

Well... I was frozen... I mean if a teenage-heartthrob just walks in on your excruciating pain, and just... makes it go away... you would be too. "Niall?" I asked, barely audible 


Niall's POV

She knew who I was... how? forgetting the past three years of fame, I was clueless to how this beautiful girl knew me. "You know me?" I questioned, letting go of all reason... How did she do this to me? She giggled, (she had a very cute laugh) and I smiled. "Its kinda hard no too, when me, my friends and a million other teenager girls have posters all over our bed room walls."  she smiled at me, making her eyes crinkle. I had a face-palm moment. but I just laughed it off.

A random girl burst through the doors and dropped, clutching her sides laughing hysterically, Which made Savannah jump in surprise.


(A/N) hey guys! just thought of doing a note, sorry the chapter isn't long, but I just didn't up to a long one.... do any of you have people at your school/ college make your day  really bad? I do... I don't want to bore you with my life... so i'll tell you to go on to the next page!

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