savannah's dance

Poor savannah is left in a wheel-chair, after a car accident, leaving her with very little to no hope of fulfilling her biggest dream... to become a dancer.But will meeting a special idol help give her hope? read to find out more.


4. dimming dreams

Savannah's POV:

"Miss Savannah heart?" a nurse (not that much older than myself) was standing at the bottom of my bed, smiling at me warmly.

"that's me" I smiled, rubbing my eyes before propping myself on my elbows... I still can't move my legs... maybe the morphine? "My name is nurse silver, but you can call me poppy!" she beamed... how can she be so happy?


wait, am I in the children's ward?I know I'm small but this is just stupid.

"Anyway," she went on, bringing me out of my daydream. "I noticed your mummy left yesterday and hasn't been back, so I thought we could have a wee chat!"... I could have some fun with this.

"could you pass me my bag, please?" I asked Innocently, poppy nodded, leaned over, grabbed my bag and passed it to me. "Wow... it's a bit... heavy"(THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Emmm yeah, it has my night clothes..." as if I'm tactless enough to say Oh yes, its 156K, why don't you just take it and do a runner!

"By the way.." I added quickly changing the subject "When do the pain killers wear off so I can walk around?"

Nurse Silver quickly lost her smile.

"Well," she began,sighing. "Unfortunately when the man who crashed into you actually hit you, he came head on..."


"But,"She continued, "thankfully it wasn't a bad break... well, not on both legs.."

"so... I can't walk?" I asked, my voice breaking. "Will I be able to dance?"

Poppy's eyes seemed to be clouded with tears. "Hopefully, but it will take a long time..."she looked down, not meeting my hopeful gaze. That hurt. All I ever prayed for was to always dance. Not love, Not hope,But to be able to express my feelings in a way others understood. I have always wanted to be a professional dancer, but right now that dream is seeming to dim.



A/N Heyyy smexy peps! this one was sad , but it will get happier soon.

p.s I wasn't going to publish this 'till tomorrow but, hey, what odds? R xoxoox 

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