Your Heart Shaped Treasure

Milly, the new popstar on the charts, everyone loves her, including the famous band One Direction. She visits a teenage hospital to play with the cancer patients, and invites them to be in her new music video for her new single. And then invited to the teen choice awards where Milly gets to know a certain celebrity very well


4. Chapter Three.

Niall P.O.V

In the tour bus at the moment, the boys are playing fifa, but i didn't feel like it, so i decided just to hang out in my bunk and listen to some music, in specific Mills, she is my fav artist EVER, and doesn't help how i have a MAHOOSIVE crush on her, all the boys know about this, even Paul, and all the crew behind stage, so whenever one of her songs pops up on the radio or on the charts, everyone stares at me and i blush a deep shade of red, not to mention the teasing and the birthday gifts i get from everyone, cardboard cut outs of her, fan books about her EVERYTHING!!

Today we are recording our new single "Just can't let her go" i mean, i am really looking forward to this song, as i know the fans will love it, but i cant stand all the boring recording over, and over and over again, especially as i don't have a solo :( 

We arrived at the studio and Louis came up to me and shouted,


"Gosh Lou, i can here you, and your only a few centimeters away no need to shout!"

"oh, sorry bud! anyway, we are here! and so are a few fans! well ... i say a few, i really mean a few hundred :)"

"cool" i simply replied, grabbed the first snap back i could find and a pair of sunglasses and jumped off my bunk and skipped off the bus after the boys.

I stepped out the bus and i saw a sea of fan all screaming their heads off, some of them were even crying! we all decided to meet some of them before we went into record, we signed autographs, took pictures and chatted to a few of the fans quickly, i even got given a hand made fan book all about them and their twitter details, re tweeting and replying to some of the fans asking how i was, and there was only one thing which was on my mind, well i say one thing, i mean one person ;)

I walked over to some fans

"OMG I LOVE YOU NIALL CAN I HAVE A PICTURE WITH YOU PLEASE!" one screamed in my face, gosh i have already had enough of people screaming in my face, i really don't like it, it frightens me a little all the screaming and especially as i am claustrophobic, but the boys are always by my side, which makes me feel a little better.

I saw Liam walk backwards to go and talk to so embody, but i couldn't make out who it was... as they were in the shade, i couldn't really see who it was.. i knew it was a girl, i could tell from the long hair, maybe it was his girlfriend Sophia.

I walked over to them and i heard the girl say 

"wait what, sorry i'm just a massive fan!"

from that i could recognize who it was, it was my absolute idol Mills!


ok i need to act normal...

" Oh really, because we are all massive fans of you! that's a bit weird isn't it! ha ah ha!"

what.The.hell.did.i.say.that.for. i am so stupid! now Liam is going to tease me about that for ages! oh no, now i'm blushing, FRICK!

" oh! i am going to go to the hospital now byeee, hope to chat some other time!" 

WHAT! she is going to the hospital! no no no no no she cant be ill, does she have cancer? oh no! she cant die yet! ever! i haven't confessed my love to her! oh no! im panicking now!

harry joined the conversation now asking about why she was going to hospital, I WAS GOING TO SAY THAAAT!

oooh, she isnt actually going to hospital to BE the patient she is VISITING the patients in her own free time.

see that is what i like about her, she thinks about others before her ....... i realized i had been staring into space for about 5 mins now and everyone had gone back tot he fans and mills had gone.... :c 

i said to louis

"hey i'm going inside i'm quite hungry"

"yeah sure ok we will be in, in about 5 mins"

"ok" i simply replied, but the truth was i wasn't hungry, i just wanted to think ...

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