Your Heart Shaped Treasure

Milly, the new popstar on the charts, everyone loves her, including the famous band One Direction. She visits a teenage hospital to play with the cancer patients, and invites them to be in her new music video for her new single. And then invited to the teen choice awards where Milly gets to know a certain celebrity very well


2. Chapter One.

Millies P.O.V 

Rehearsals are really dragging on today, practicing my new single called ' Dont Stop'. Maybe i could just have one quick short break from this all...

"Mark!" i called out to my manager, 

"yes Mills" he replied, Mills is my nick name everyone calls me.

"Can i have a quick break, i just need to get some air" i explained

"yeah sure, but be sure to be back here in 15 mins"

"ok" i finally replied.

I walked to the edge of the stage and jumped off, only to be greeted by my best friend and P.A Maeve.

"Hey Mills, i got you a gym work out slot in 50 minutes with a new coach this time, as the other one is working with another client now, i think it might be One Direction.."

"OMG ONE DIRECTION!" i screamed, ok yes i may be a famous pop star bu i do have my fangirling moments ( moments .. aaawh) especially for Niall, his Irish charms just make me weak at the knees. 

"Mills, Milly helloooo you have been staring into space for 3 minutes now, and i am trying to tell you about you new gym coach!" Maeve said whilst wafting a hand in front of my face

"oh yeah, sorry about that! yes, new coach, gym, 50 minutes GOTCHA!" i shouted towards her as i dashed towards my dressing room, to fetch a jacket before i went outside.


Authors Note - Hey guys! please comment/like/favorite this fanfic and share! i will really try to update as quickly as possible! sorry about that! 


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