Your Heart Shaped Treasure

Milly, the new popstar on the charts, everyone loves her, including the famous band One Direction. She visits a teenage hospital to play with the cancer patients, and invites them to be in her new music video for her new single. And then invited to the teen choice awards where Milly gets to know a certain celebrity very well


5. Chapter Four.

Millies POV

I walked over to the hospital and entered in, gaining smiles from all of the elderly couples leaving after their appointments. I went over to the desk and noticed one of the receptionists who is usually there, Grace, i usually visit and it is a regular normal thing for all of the staff and patients from the hospital, i am going to meet some of the new patients in the children's ward i think ...

"Hello Mills! How are you doing? what brings you here today!" she cheered, Grace was always jolly, she was a short stumpy sort of woman with the biggest smile ever, with bright pink lipstick and pearly white teeth, she had a long dark brown fringe and straight hair that can down just beneath her chin. 

"Hi Grace! im really good today, i dont know why, but i just feel happy today, i just wanted to have some fun with the new kids in the cancer ward, and get to know them all a bit" 

"Great!" she squealed like a little five year old just being told she can have some candy floss " im sure they will love seeing you and it will surely brighten up their day! no, week! no, month! ha ha ha ha " she chortled to herself as she turned back to her computer and pointed towards where i should go.  

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