Your Heart Shaped Treasure

Milly, the new popstar on the charts, everyone loves her, including the famous band One Direction. She visits a teenage hospital to play with the cancer patients, and invites them to be in her new music video for her new single. And then invited to the teen choice awards where Milly gets to know a certain celebrity very well


6. Chapter Five.

I walked towards the door that the lady was pointing towards, and i opened it slowly, note the slowly as it was so heavy, cor how heavy can you make a door! its like shoving a buffalo down a small alleyway, well ,, maybe its not like that.. but you get the picture! 

Anyway, i walked down the long intimidating hallway with lots and lots of doors labelled a2, f5 on them, and i finally got to one which i thought was the correct one, and i knocked on the door. I awkwardly stood their outside the door as i heard quick shuffles from inside the room, and finally the door creaked open and another woman peer through the gap, she was quite short and thin, she had freckles all over her face and bright blue hair, she looked up at me, and she looked like she had just seen a ghost, thats when i remembered that i was a world famous singer and that she must have recognized me.

"oh hello there Miss Milly, what a pleasure it is to see you here! may i ask what you are actually doing down here.." she spoke to me in a jolly voice

"well actually ..."

"Dorothy!" she exclaimed

"well.. Dorothy ,,, i actually wanted to come and visit some of the children and hang around with them, as the may be quite lonely, and well, im lonely at the moment so it will be quite nice to get to know them all!" i said, praying that she would let me through

"oh wow this is amazing! sure the children would love to see you!" she squealed with joy sparkling through her 

She opened the door wider and turned around to tell the children of my presence

"Listen up guys, i have an extremly important guest who wants to play around with you guys, heres Mills!" she said to all of the children dotted around the room

I slowly peered in to the room, which smelt of anesthetic wipes, the walls were bright colours and it had rows of beds in, with t.vs and games scattered everywhere. 

"Hell there guys, is it ok if i come and hang out with you guys, i mean, we could play a few games and we could go down to the park for a bit ... if thats ok with you" i directed the last bit to Dorothy

The room erupted with gasps and whispers, and me just awkwardly standing there look at all of the young children. Some of them were older though...

As i was staring into space a young child came upto me and tapped me on my knee

"hello.." she quietly spoke "im Daisy, and these are all my friends, and we are having a good time, but we are all very ill" she said, with sadness ij her voice, this made me very upset aswell

" Hello daisy, i ahve come to play some games with you and all of you friends and then we can all go to the park and play!" i siad trying to sound as jolly and cheetful as i could be 

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