Chronicles of Iris Green


1. Shadow Bite


New York lights glow over the shadow of the inky trees, cars angrily roar over the highway, as if they’re fighting with a lion. The sweet fragrance of newly trim grass finds its way up into her nose, as a gust of wind blows through the trees making them shake furiously casting leaves to the ground.  The scatter of leaves crunch under her small, compact feet as she walks down the white painted track. The swing set lets out a squeal, causing a squirrel to dart away into a dark green bush. Park lights dance off the thick coat of fog, leaving an orange glow around the vacant playground. With the moon high in the sky, as it emits its reflection onto various puddles that lay on the solid ground.The light breeze bites at her ankles, causing her to shiver.

She lets out a deep breath as she steps over a muddy puddle, wrapping her arms around herself, as she hums a tune. A tune that her grandma use to sing to her, before she past away. A smile forms on her lips as thoughts of her sweet, grandmother enter her mind. A bush to her right starts to suddenly shake. She lets out a small gasp.

“Is someone there?” she questions, with her raising her right eyebrow. There was no answer. She lets out a soft sigh and shook it off. “It’s just the wind,” she states to herself.

Her shoelaces bounce off the ground as she starts the walk again. A deep sigh escapes from her lips as the thoughts off school enter her mind. She clutches her fists and unclutch them, as she thinks about girls laughing at her when she fell today, at school.

The tension in the air around her shifts, causing goosebumps to develope on her arms. A tree branch over her head starts to vibrate, showering leaves down upon her. Stopping, looking up to see the branch not moving, leaves still fell down on her as she keeps walking, slowly. A breath hitches in her throat, when a deep moan escapes from the bushes to her right. Her feet fall to a stop, as well as the squeals of the swings. Everything was silent, but the low deep threatening groans. A dark figure appears from the bush, she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. The dark figure swifts in front of her, faster than she expects. A gasp falls from her lips as his light emerald, green eyes turn dark black. Her feet leave the ground, the stranger, with a fist full off her hair, tosses her across the park. She let out a wheeze as her back makes contact with the hard cement ground. Her breath coming in huffs, as she looks up to see her attacker standing under a park light. A small chuckle escapes from his lips, he stalks closer to her.

“Why not run?” he asks her. She stands on her feet with an aching back.

“What do you want?” the question slips from her lips without realising. Her back stung making it hard to talk, or even for the matter, run.

“Humans, so weak and foolish,” he chuckles, “it sickens me.” His boots clunks against the ground as he edges himself toward her. She shifts her weight as she watches the man, preparing herself to run, until she notices something odd. Her eye grew ablaze when she watches two sharp teeth extend from his mouth. A gasp leaves her mouth as she slowly walks backwards. A low chuckle escapes from his throat as he steps under another park light. She keeps stepping backwards, with a tilt head studying him.

The young man looks like that guy you would find in front of a flock of stultified high school students, teaching them the works of the world. A guy that you would find alone on a friday night, sitting under a tree, holding a guitar playing tunes of indie-rock. Yet, here he is with gleaming black eyes, dark auburn hair, standing, threatening her with his pearly white fangs.

She sucks in a stream of air as her back hits a tree. By now the monster stands before her, inches from her face. He wraps a hand around her neck pinning her against the tree. A grin spreads across his face, showing a deep dimple on his right cheek.

“You look so frighten and afraid, I can change that. I change the way you think, the way you see, the way you feel” he tilts his head to the right, “I can change all of that, just with one bite. One small bite.” She could feel his breath on skin, making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

“No..No! Get off of me,” she pushes the monster away, catching him off guard. Without even a thought, she starts running. Moving her head left to right, looking for a spot to hide, tripping over her own feet in the process. Her body launches forward, soon meeting the ground. Letting out a yelp as a rock lodges itself into her hand, quickling she looks at her surroundings and spots a bush. She crawls behind the bush, hoping he won’t find her. His feet patted the ground as he walks closer to her. She looks frantically at her surroundings, searching for an exit or a weapon. Her eyes light up as she spots a stick with a pointed tip poking out of the ground, she reaches her hand out and snags it.

“Come on out,” he calls, his footsteps became louder. “I won’t bi- well, that’s a lie.”

“Tell me about it,” she whispers. A low chuckle came rumbling out, as if he is standing right above her. She crawls out from behind the bush, with the stick in her hand, she sneaks up behind the vampire. She holds the stake above her head, ready to stab him in the back. Another low crackle leaves from his mouth as he turns around and grabs her neck.

“Again, humans, so, so foolish,” he spits in her face. She kicks her legs frantically, trying to escape from his grips. He inserted his sharp teeth into her neck, sucking the blood from her neck. Grunts escape from her mouth as her eyelids became heavy, life is slowly fading away from the young girl. A tear slides down her cheek as her head becomes light, darkness engulfs the girl. The stick slowly slipping from her limp hand, she grips it tight as she suddenly pulls back into to reality.

“No!” she cried, more tears streams down her face. She squirms in the monster’s grip making it hard to feed. With a still light feeling head, she kicks her legs and bats her arms in every which way. Gashing the young man across the cheek with the stake, he lets out a cry and drops her to the ground. The vampire lets out a low deep growl, as the gash on his cheek slowly heals. More tears slowly fall from the young girls light grayish, blue eyes. She stands up from her knees and gripping the stick harder in her small hand. She caught him by surprise as she stabs in the chest with the sharp stick she held in her hand. The monster let out cry as he fell to his knees holding the stake is lodge into his chest.

Holding her neck, her feet quickly carry her to her quiet home. Tumbling through the entrance of her house, she slams the door and locks it, trying to shake off the dizziness in her brain. With a deep breath she wipes the tears from her cheeks, and walks up the stairs to rummage through the bathroom cabinets for bandages. She wets a cloth and wipes the blood from her neck, she cringes as she looks in the mirror. Sucking in a breath, she wraps a bandage around her neck. Her light blue sweatshirt stain with blood, her bare knees scraped raw,  she tiptoes through the drowsy.

The moon shines through the window off her room, causing her dark blonde hair to glisten. She pulls off her bloody clothing and slips on a nightgown, she prances throughout the room looking for a spot to hide the bloody clothes. With a drowsy eyes, she finally carries herself to bed. She shuts off the light and lays on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

Just about deep into sleep, a screeching sound fills the once peaceful room. Her eyes jump open, she quickly sits up noticing a man staring into the window. A shadow stands outside the window, within a second a hand slams on the window, causing it the shatter. The figure crawls into her room, a low growl travels throughout the house.

The dark figure chuckles, “Nice try.”   

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