Friends with benefits? (Bieber)

Hey! Thats me, (YN) :D

Well obviously, whoelse would that be? o.o

I have a little sister named Maddy. I live with her & my mom, Lisa.
My dad left us when i was only two. I haven't heard from him since i was 4 though :/

Anyways, I live in Canada. The same town as Justin Bieber.

I cant call myself one of those obsessive fans, but he's cute & i love some of his songs.

I love singing & dancing, its my obsession :)

I got to a special school that mostly revolves around dancing, singing & acting.


Austin, Caitlin, Cody, Greyson and Kim are the people i hang with the most,but the two people that I trust the most are Austin & Caitlin.

Yeah, well thats really all i can say, im horrible at describing myself.

So bye(:


4. Chapter 4.

I went over to Justins house. We did homework & then went upstairs to his room.
I sat on his bed & he sat next to me. 
He started to play the song..
We were halfway through the song now.
" Guess I Rather Hurt Than Feel Nothing At A-"
Before I could finish my line I felt Justin's lips against mine.
They were so soft & irrisistable. I didnt wanna pull away, so i didnt.
He pressed his body against mine & I layed back. 
He started to suck on my neck, I moaned & I felt his smirk against my neck.
We started to makeout for a little while, he whispered into my ear..
"Friends With Benefits?" 
He winked at me & I nodded.
I started to pull off his shirt, he helped me by pulling it fully off.
He pulled off my shirt, & I finally came to relized... what the fuck am I doing?
I pulled away & pushed Justin off of me.
Justin- Babe, whats the matter?):
You- Im not your babe, Selena is..
Yeah I hated her but Im not like that.
I picked up my shirt & put it on. 
Justin- I-Im sorry.
I shrugged & walked out of his room.
Pattie-Ah (YN)!
You- Hi Pattie(: I uh gotta go.
Pattie- Alrighty, see you soon hun.
I waved goodbye & left. 

Justins POV
I sighed & looked down. 
Pattie- Justi- Why are you shirtless?!
Justin- I always stay shirtless.
Pattie- But (YN) just left. Wait! Did you-
Justin- NO. She stopped me before I went to fa-
I stopped, I shouldnt of said that.
Pattie- You mean you two were..
Justin- I kissed her first, dont get mad at her. She stopped me when I took her shirt off. Relax nothing happened.
Pattie- Good. I like her but remember you have Selena.
' Dont remind me ' I mumbled.
Pattie- What hun?
She sat next to me on my bed & handed me my shirt.
I put it on.
Pattie- You dont love Selena, right?
Justin- Well half of me wants (YN)..
Pattie- Well I cant help you with that Justin. You have to figure out who you want..
Justin- I know what to do..
My mom nodded & left, she closed my door, I layed back on my bed. Thinking.
Why dont I take Selena & (YN) on seperate dates.. and whoever is more fun, I will go with?
Good plan Justin. 
End of POV

I sighed & went into my house, My mom & Maddy were eating already.
You- Im sorry I was busy mom. 
Maddy- With Justin(;
Lisa- Whos Justin, (YN)?
You- Some friend.. My duet partner.
Maddy- Did yous kiss? You have lipgloss all over your mouth & a red spot on your neck. 
Lisa- (YN) is that a hickey?!
You- Uh..
Lisa- Sit.. NOW. 
You- We didnt have sex. 
Lisa- Are you done Maddy?
Maddy- Yes, I'll go to my room.
Lisa- Thankyou hun. 
She ran upstairs & I slouched down in my seat. 
Lisa- Why do you have a hickey?
You- Well we were practicing & he kissed me & We started to makeout.. & he kissed my neck. But I pulled away, so we didnt do anything.
Gosh that felt awkward!
Lisa- You sure?
You- Yes!
Lisa- Fine, I believe you, but I want that covered up!
You- No problem.

I finished eating & went upstairs. 
I took a shower & brushed my teeth. 
I did my hair in a side braid & put on my pjs. 
I layed in bed & turned on my TV. 
I watched some JerseyShoree & my phone buzzed.
It was Chris..
Chris- Hey(:
You- Hi(: 
Chris- Whatcha doing?
You- Nothing, why?
Chris- Open your balcony doors.
You- Why?
Chris- Just do it.
I shrugged & got up from my bed, I opened the doors & saw Chris jump infront of me.
OMFG! I screamed.
Chris- Shhh, its just me.
You- omg, what are you doing here? My moms home!
Chris- So?
You- It's 11:OO at night & your here. In my bedroom. 
Chris- haha, I missed you.
You- Your gonna see me in 9 hours.. or less
Chris- Still..
You- I'm tired, go home..
Chris- I'll sleep with you.
Lisa- (YN)?
You- Hide there!
I pointed to under my bed, I closed the door & jumped onto my bed & covered my body.
Wow I was fast ;) 
Lisa- (YN), I gotta head to work. I'll see you tmmr night. 
You- Okay goodnight.
She left & I waited until I heard my moms car door close.
Chris crawled out from under my bed & coughed.
Chris- You have alot under there.
I forgot..
You- uh yeah, what'd you see?
Chris- Some personal thingys, but you know me, I wont say anything.
He saw what I wrote probably.
He got onto my bed & layed next to me.
Chris- Just know that I wouldnt do those things to you (YN).
He whispered into my ear & wiped one of the tears that went down my face.
I sniffled & layed my head on his chest. 
Chris- Do you wanna talk about it (YN)?
I nodded, I needed to tell sombody, besides Caitlin. 
Plus I trust Chris.. I sat up & looked at him..
You- Well when I was 14, I had a boyfriend.. 
Chris- Yeah I know, Luke..-_-
You- Yeah, well he uh raped me. He forced me into doing something that i didnt want to do.
Chris- (YN)): Im sorry:(
I looked down & he hugged me tightly. 
I felt safe in his arms, I felt better that Chris knew the full story. 
He layed back & pulled me back with him. & just fell asleep in his arms.

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