Friends with benefits? (Bieber)

Hey! Thats me, (YN) :D

Well obviously, whoelse would that be? o.o

I have a little sister named Maddy. I live with her & my mom, Lisa.
My dad left us when i was only two. I haven't heard from him since i was 4 though :/

Anyways, I live in Canada. The same town as Justin Bieber.

I cant call myself one of those obsessive fans, but he's cute & i love some of his songs.

I love singing & dancing, its my obsession :)

I got to a special school that mostly revolves around dancing, singing & acting.


Austin, Caitlin, Cody, Greyson and Kim are the people i hang with the most,but the two people that I trust the most are Austin & Caitlin.

Yeah, well thats really all i can say, im horrible at describing myself.

So bye(:


29. Chapter 29.

I just stood there, I wanted to pull away but then i didnt want to.

Let's just say that I was in "shock" .

He pulled away & I just looked at him clueless.

Justin- I-Im sorry.

You- Im going to b-bed. See you tomorrow.

I got up & went upstairs.


I woke up & did my morning routine.

I did my hair & Makeup like this;

Outfit; (w/ a black jacket)


I grabbed my bag & phone & went downstairs.

I grabbed a cup from the cabinet & filled it with coffee.

Justin- Goodmorning.

I gasped & Justin chuckled.

You- Um goodmorning.

He stood up & walked closer to me.

Justin- Why are you so dressed up?

You- I have work.. I have to get dressed up.

Justin- Well you

He bit his lip & came even closer to me.

You- I have to uh go.

Justin- I'll let you go only if you do one thing.

You- And that thing is?

Justin- Kiss me.

He moved his lips closer to mine. I rolled my eyes & pecked his lip.

but he pressed my body against the wall & the kiss got rougher.

I missed doing this, but i really had to go.

I pulled away,

You- Can I go now?

Justin- Hm..

You- Seriously, Im going to be late. 

Justin- Fine, go. I'll watch Jason today.

You- Thanks, & that kiss meant nothing.

Just kidding, it meant everything. 

Justins POV

"Thanks, and that kiss..meant nothing."
I looked down, did it really mean nothing?
Because honestly.. I felt sparks.

Yes, I know..its cheesy. But I did!

Jason came downstairs & hugged my leg.

Jason- Hi daddy(:

Justin- Hi, Jason. Are you hungry?

Jason- Mhm. Momma makes me eat icecream, could i have some?

Justin- I know your mom well enough that she doesnt allow that.

Jason- Fine, she doesnt.. 

Justin- But how about we keep it a secret?

Jason- Really?! 

Justin- Yeah, go sit, I'll bring some to you.

Jason- YAY! 

He sat down at the table & I filled a bowl with icecream.

I put the bowl infront of him & then sat down.

Jason- Yummy(: Thankyou.

Justin- No problem. 

Jason- So Grandma Pattie & Grandpa Jeremy knew you were my daddy?

Justin- Yep.

Jason- So how come I never saw you?):

Justin- Well your mom was right, I do live far away.. 

Jason- Oh, but um daddy?

Justin- yes?

Jason- Can you & mommy live together? 

Justin- I'll try..

Jason- Okay(: 

He reminded me of myself so much.. 

"Ring Ring Ring Ring"

I got up & answered the phone, I know its not my phone but ohwell.

Justin- hello?

You- hey, did Jason wake up?

Justin- yeah.. why?

You- Just wondering. Oh, um I have to stay at the office a little late, so can you make Jason dinner? I'll probably [ick up something.

Justin- Sure. Bye.

I hungup, I wish I lived here with them.. and we were one happy family.

I have to do something.. I just have too.


I spent the whole day with Jason, from 8am to now, 8pm.

It was amazing..

Jason- momma! 

You- Hey sweetie(:

She hugged him, I smiled.

You- Where you good for daddy?

Jason- Yeah, we had fun today! We went to the park, & then daddy thought me how to play the drums..kinda.

You- You bought him drums?

Justin- Yeah.. there over there.

You- Aw(: 

Jason- *yawn* and we ate mcdonalds for dinner.

You- Nice, how about you go to bed now? You look tired.

Jason- Aw):

You- You can stay up until 9 tmmr, I promise.

Jason- Okay. Goodnight daddy.

He came over to me & hugged me, then he went upstairs with (YN).

End of POV

I put Jason to bed & then got changed into comfortable clothes.

I went downstairs & Justin was watching TV.

It sorta felt awkward with him around, but it was easier.

You- Thanks for buying him those.

Justin- Oh, its not a big deal..

I sat next to him.

Justin- Did you eat?

You- No, I wasnt so hungry.

Justin- C'mon eat..

You- Im not hungry, I had a.. late lunch.

Justin- whatever you say..

You- Why do you even care?
"Because I love you & always will love you."

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