Friends with benefits? (Bieber)

Hey! Thats me, (YN) :D

Well obviously, whoelse would that be? o.o

I have a little sister named Maddy. I live with her & my mom, Lisa.
My dad left us when i was only two. I haven't heard from him since i was 4 though :/

Anyways, I live in Canada. The same town as Justin Bieber.

I cant call myself one of those obsessive fans, but he's cute & i love some of his songs.

I love singing & dancing, its my obsession :)

I got to a special school that mostly revolves around dancing, singing & acting.


Austin, Caitlin, Cody, Greyson and Kim are the people i hang with the most,but the two people that I trust the most are Austin & Caitlin.

Yeah, well thats really all i can say, im horrible at describing myself.

So bye(:


20. Chapter 20.

I grabbed the note & put it in my pocket. 
I put on my flipflops & called a cab. Im leaving this hotel room. 
I dragged my suitcases to the lobby & got into the cab. 
I got to my moms house & dragged my suitcases to the frontdoor.
I rang to the doorbell & waited for someone to answer the door. 
I sniffled a couple of times, Caitlin opened the door. 

Caitlin- (YN)?
You- Hi, whos here?
Caitlin- Everyone we were waiting for you & Justin.

Even hearing his name made me upset..
I sighed & pulled my bags into the house.

Ryan- Yo, where's Justin!?
You- Why dont you call him, let him explain everything?! Or just read this. 

I grabbed the not from my pocket & threw it on the floor, Chris, Ryan & Chaz were fighting over it.

Ryan- But why?!

I pointed at Chris & rolled my eyes.

Lisa- Hey (YN).
You- Hi, mom.
Lisa- What happened.
You- Here. 

I grabbed the note from Ryan & handed it to my mom. She gasped.

Lisa- But... why?!
You- Let Chris explain, oh & can I live here again?
Lisa- You didnt even have to ask hun.
Ryan- I should call him.. I'll put it on speaker.

Justins POV

Im back in Atlanta, at the apartment. I started to take all of (YN)'s things out of the bedroom; It didnt feel right though/; 
" Buzzzz Buzzzzz" 
I answered my phone.

Ryan- ayee.
Justin- hey.
Ryan- I see how it is, you just leave without saying goodbye.
Justin- Sorry, hows (Y-YN)?
Ryan- Shes a mess. 

I heard crying in the background/; 

" I-I love him C-Caitlin "

Justin- Well she c-cheated.
Ryan- You know she didnt mean it bro! Chris made a move first!
Justin- She could've rejected.
Ryan- *sigh* i dnt know, but shes just a depressed mess. Figure out what your gonna do. Bye.

He hungup & I threw my phone at the wall. I miss her but she hurt me.
My life is so fucking confusing.

End of POV

I wiped my tears away & cried on Caitlins shoulder. 
Even though we just started talking again, she was there for me. 
I really needed my family & friends at the moment.
" I-I love him, C-Caitlin. "
I managed to say in between cries.

Caitlin- Shh, (YN). He'll come back.
You- N-no, he wont. He h-hates m-me. 

I started to cry again. I feel like a mess, I need him. 

You- Im going upstairs, nobody bother me.

I dragged myself up the stairs & into my bedroom. I missed it here, it hasnt changed much..
I locked the door & layed on my bed. I burried my head into my pillows & just cried. 

Lisa- (YN), everyone left, do you want naything to eat?
You- N-no thanks m-mom.
Lisa- Okay, goodnight hun.
You- Night.

I looked at the clock, wow I've been crying from 1:00pm & its now 11:3Opm..
I got up from my bed & looked in the mirror, ugh I look disgusting.
I went downstairs & looked through the freezer; aha! my mom still had my favorite icecream in the house.
Strawberry Cheesecake from Ben & Jerrys. ;D
I took out the small pint & grabbed a spoon. 
I sat at the table & just shoved my face into it. 

Lisa- (YN)?
You- Um..

My mom chuckled & sat across from me.

Lisa- I remember when I used to cry & be like you over your father. It's not work it hun..
You- B-but I love him so much, mom! I didnt mean to kiss Chris.
Lisa- I know, but he's probably just in sh-
You- he didnt need to leave like that! He could've just talked to me first!
Lisa- Boys dont think like that hun.


And the question that has been bothering me ever since..

You- What if Im p-pregnant?
Lisa- What?!

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