Friends with benefits? (Bieber)

Hey! Thats me, (YN) :D

Well obviously, whoelse would that be? o.o

I have a little sister named Maddy. I live with her & my mom, Lisa.
My dad left us when i was only two. I haven't heard from him since i was 4 though :/

Anyways, I live in Canada. The same town as Justin Bieber.

I cant call myself one of those obsessive fans, but he's cute & i love some of his songs.

I love singing & dancing, its my obsession :)

I got to a special school that mostly revolves around dancing, singing & acting.


Austin, Caitlin, Cody, Greyson and Kim are the people i hang with the most,but the two people that I trust the most are Austin & Caitlin.

Yeah, well thats really all i can say, im horrible at describing myself.

So bye(:


10. Chapter 10.

I woke up, feeling like a mess. Im so tired.. 
I got took a shower & did my hair, then I got dressed.
Hair/Makeup/Outfit; (put jean shorts w/ that)
I put on my flipflops & grabbed my bag and phone.
it was starting to get hot again  
I looked in the mirror, smiled & walked downstairs.
Maddy- hey (YN)(:
You- Hey(: why arent you at school?
Maddy- Im sick, mom went out to get me medicine.
You- Aw okay, feel better! Love you!
I ran out the door & got into my car. 

Nobody was outside.. shit! Am I late?!
I looked at the time on my phone, 8:55.
I have 5 minutes, relax (YN).
I parked my car & ran into school, packed my books & walked into homeroom. Mrs.Laka.
I walked in & everyone starred at me. i heard some giggles..
What did I do?
"Sluuut!" , "Bitch", "Whore", "Ugly", "Ugh , she's fat. Why would he want her?"
I looked down, I knew what this was about.
I saw Chris smirk.
Mrs.Laka- ENOUGH! Hello (YN), take a seat.
I walked to my seat, Justin didnt even look in my face.
I sat down & took out my pad of paper & my pen.
Mrs.Laka- So as I was saying, who would like to sing for us? 
Some person started singing, usually this was my favorite class.. but I hardly payed any attention today.
Was I really what they all said I was? Wait, i would believe it.. I dont even know who I am.
"Sluuut!" , "Bitch", "Whore", "Ugly", "Ugh , she's fat. Why would he want her?"
I looked down, noticing a wet spot on my pink pad of paper.
I wiped my tear away real fast & started to write down the notes on the board.
I finished writing them & went back to thinking.
I bet Chris was mad at me, so he told the whole school a bunch of lies..
But why wouldnt Justin talk to me? 
I mean I remember having sex on Friday, but he would've kept that private..right? 
I sighed & looked at the clock, 5,4,3,2,1.. RING!!!
I put away my books & grabbe dmy bag. I went to my other classes. 
I didnt bother going to the cafeteria for lunch. I knew there would be more drama. 
i would atleast thought that Caitlin would talk to me, I guess not..
I went into the auditorium.. It was the only place that was always empty, yeah I know.. I go to an Arts School but this room is always empty?
Most kids hate the auditorium here, they claim its haunted. Bullshit. Like growup, your from the ages of 14-17 -_-.
I sighed & started to sing my favorite song, Skyscraper. It kept me going..
I swear Demi Lovato's my inspiration, if I ever met her I would die x_x .
I heard clapping, once I was done singing. I was literally in tears by now. 
I jumped up in shock, I get nervous sometimes..
??- You're amazing.
I squinted & saw a boy that looked like this;
You- uh thanks, who are you?
??- Im Jeydon. You must be (YN)?
You- Yep. Are you in my grade?
He nodded & walked closer to me, handing me a tissue.
I giggled & wiped my tears.
You- Sorry, & are you new?
Jeydon- Yeah, I just came today. I found it cruel about what they were saying about you.. 
You- Can you tell me?
Jeydon- Will it hurt you?
You- Im used to it.. I get hurt enough.
He sighed,
Jeydon- Well this guys Chris was saying that you & this guy Justin had sex & he made so many rumors that I cant keep track.
You- Oh.
I looked down.
Jeydon- & The guy Justin just made it worse..
You- how?
Jeydon- he didnt deny it.. he went into detail.
I covered my face in embaressment.. How could he?!
Jeydon- Dont worry, I know that their all lies. You dont seem that way at all.
You- thanks, it's means alot.
Jeydon- We should hangout sometime(: You should totally meet my manager.
You- Who's your manager?
Jeydon- ..

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