The Queen and I- A short sequel

A short sequel to the story The Queen and I.

It has been three years since Helena's almost execution. Where is she now, and what is she up to?


1. Chapter 1

Cole gently took my hand in his as we walked on the trail behind our country manor. It had been three years since my apparent day of execution and not one day passed where I didn’t think about it. But Cole helped me forget. Forget about the dungeons, forget about death and, most importantly, forget about Lydia. It had been hard, though, leaving Windsor. My whole life had been based there and Beth, as well as Miss. Tune, was practically my family. I had promised that I would come and visit every now and again but nothing would ever be the same.

Beth had become a lady-in-waiting before I had left which I suspected to have something to do with Cole’s parting wishes but of course I didn’t tell her that. It relieved me, some how, to know that she had been promoted because of course, she would have a little more protection. Also, as a lady-in-waiting, she was not aloud to marry so, in her case, that was fine for now as less men would be flirting with her.

Miss. Tune was somewhat the same, however, the day I left, she cried like there was no tomorrow. It was the most emotion I had ever seen her express and it brought me to tears as I realized in that moment how much she meant to me. After my parents had died, she had been practically a second mother to Beth and I so therefore it was very difficult to finally let her go.


I remember that it had been unusually sunny the morning of my departure. I had gotten up early and watched the sun rise over the castle grounds, making glorious oranges, yellows and gold’s bounce off of all the trees in every direction. The place seemed peaceful and quiet which was completely contrary to the usual bustling of various maids, guards and courtiers everywhere. It felt odd, looking down across my home for the last time for now I would be going to live with Cole in his countryside manor. He and I would be lying low for a while and he wouldn’t attend court for at least a year. We had only gotten married in December and not a lot of people had been happy about it, especially not his parents. The wedding had been a small service in the local chapel and we had been married by the, well, local priest. Cole didn’t want to put my through the embarrassment of dressing me up and making me pretend I was someone high and mighty on my wedding day. Cole and I were married like simple commoners, which hadn’t pleased many at all. In fact, his parents refused to even attend the wedding. Cole said that they would get over it, but I wasn’t so sure.


Afterwards, I had packed up my few belongings and we planned to leave as soon as possible. Cole felt uncomfortable lingering too long and I didn’t blame him. It must have been ten times as awkward for him than for me. He, the high and mighty courtier, was marrying the simple palace maid. We said our goodbyes to our friends and simply disappeared. Before we went to the manor though, I insisted that we say hello to my family. I hadn’t seen them for years and it was about time I checked on them.

I didn’t have to do much insisting as Cole happily said that they could come live with us. He reported that there were plenty of spare bedrooms and that we could hire tutors and nannies to help raise the younger ones. It had all seemed quite fantastic at the time. I couldn’t quite believe that all my family and I would be living under one roof and a country manor, no less.


However happy the circumstances might’ve been, I could’ve never prepared for the onslaught of emotions I felt when we neared my childhood village. I remembered everything, the old bakery, the small market stands and the beautiful dress shop that I would stand in front of for hours on end when I was little. The cobblestone street was the same and I still recognized the cottages of all my friends that I would play with. However, once we got to my home, I felt tears automatically spill over my eyes. Cole had enveloped my in his arms but that only helped a little bit. The second the carriage had stopped, I leaped out and ran to the front door, screaming my sibling’s names. My little sister Jane had been standing in the garden, her little hands gripping a huge bucket of water as she attempted to pour it gently onto the plants. She instantly dropped it when she heard my and started crying my name. I picked her up and held her close as the rest of my brothers and sisters came to greet me. We spent the night at my old home and all ate together, which we hadn’t done in what seemed like forever. All night, Cole had a look of true happiness on his face and I realized that he didn’t grow up like this. My mother and father raised us on their own and we grew closer and closer to them each minute but some nanny or maid, never really getting to know his parents, must’ve raised Cole. I felt feeling of sadness for him but I knew he was happy now. He had PLENTY of family.


The next morning, we all piled into the carriage and when I say piled, I mean piled. Everybody was sitting on everybody’s laps. Before we left, we had a small ceremony by our parent’s graves, planting flowers right next to them. James, my oldest younger brother, would be staying behind to look after the cottage. He was also Mr. Jones’ apprentice (the local baker) and would be taking over the shop when he retired.

James and I hugged, as we were the ones who had practically raised the lot and promised to see each other frequently.


The carriage ride was about five hours long but the length of time it took to arrive was completely worth it. When we got to our new home, my siblings and I looked upon it like children looked when they were receiving a Christmas present. The place wasn’t HUGE but it was certainly the most luxurious we would ever live in.

There was a great stone path leading up to the stunning entrance that was draped in flowers color. The building itself was most impressive as it was entirely made of stone with large windows that let masses of light in.

The inside was a whole other world, though. High ceilings, draped with every piece of art you could imagine, accompanied by magnificent wooden floors. The sitting room had stunning furniture that was more works of art than anything and tall bookshelves surrounded the room. A small grand piano sat quietly in the corner, beckoning somebody to play it. I looked at Cole with wide eyes and a smile tugged on his lips. My brothers and sisters ran outside, basking in the glorious sunlight. They started a huge game of hide-and-go-seek and it almost made me cry finally seeing them so happy. Cole pulled me into his arms, murmuring in my ear. I looked up to him and gently put my lips to his, feeling my heart melt with joy.


I pulled myself out of my memories as I realized the love of my life was trying to speak to me.

“Love, you seemed to have gotten lost again.” He grinned, dimple showing I tended to get lost in my thoughts and that, in fact, is how we met.


“Sorry, what did you say?” I asked.


“I said that I needed to go into town to buy some more parchment and I was wondering if you would like to come.”


I smiled. I hadn’t been out for so long in nervousness that I would start some horrible chain of gossip that would drive us out of this place.  But I decided to take the chance anyways.


“I would love to. Maybe we could take Jane to. She does love that dress shop…” I said, more to myself than anyone.


“Actually I was hoping that it could just be you and I.” He murmured wistfully.


I think he thought that I didn’t catch what he said so I simply amended my statement.


“Actually,” I reported, turning to him, “let’s just go by ourselves. I think Jane has a tutoring session, anyways.”


His smile broadened. Kissing me, he led me over to the horse and carriage.


“We’ll go right now, come, we can grab a bite to eat, or something.”


“Wait, but I must change! I can’t go out looking like this.” I gestured down to my casual day dress, looking appalled.


Cole strode over to me, taking my hands in his. Leaning close, he whispered that I was beautiful. I felt tingles all over my skin. I could never get used to him loving me, which made me happy.

We jumped in the carriage and rode into town. I looked out the window, feeling slightly queasy, which was odd, as I usually didn’t feel get motion sickness.


When we finally arrived, though, I felt the suddenly famished. Despite the improved food I had been receiving lately, I had become constantly hungry.


“Cole, I’m feeling fairly hungry. Can we go grab something to eat?” I questioned, feeling like a nuisance.


He looked at me with concern. “Of course!” He cried, “I’m sorry, love, I didn’t know.”


“Calm down, Cole, it’s not your fault.” Ever since I had nearly had my head cut off, Cole’s been extra protective off me.


He walked over to the baker’s shop and not a moment later came out with a nice, fresh role. As we sat down on the stonewall, he ripped it in half, when suddenly I felt my stomach convulse.


“Cole, I think I’m going to be-“

But I didn’t finish before I threw up over the wall.


He instantly started rubbing my back and soothing me. “Oh, Leena, I’m so sorry. We’ll get you home right now.”


We climbed slowly back in the carriage however the bumpy ride home did not help my upset stomach.


I was escorted by Cole and a maid up to our room where they laid me out on the bed. The maid instantly started dabbing my forehead with a cool cloth as Cole went to send for the doctor.


About a half hour later, I was still feeling queasy. When suddenly a man with gray hair, gray skin, a gray beard and almost gray eyes walked in.


“Hello, Madame Helena. I am Doctor Grey. What seems to be the problem?” I would’ve laughed at his name if I wasn’t feeling so bad.


“Hello, doctor. I feel like I’ve been constantly ill lately, sir and very hungry as well and I’m not entirely sure why.”


An idea seemed to pass his face. “Would you mind standing for me, Madame?” He asked politely.


I stood up, trying not to stumble. Cole caught my shoulder and steadied me. I looked into his eyes and saw the briefest flicker of fear.


“Ahh, I see.” Dr. Gray said happily.


“I am sorry sir, but why do you sound so happy? My wife is sick, this is NOT happy.” Cole growled, evidently annoyed.


“Why, kind sir,” Dr. Gray laughed, “your wife is not sick, she is pregnant."





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