Heartbreaker will Find Love

" What the fuck's wrong with your ugly as" Justin said to Nathan
" what do you mean bro"
" you fucking dump chicks like they're fucking trash"
" and it's not like you haven't"
" whatever fucking dumb ass"
" later Bieber"


3. Waiting Again

 Rayna's P.O.V


 The last bell jusst fuckin rang! Thank you God!!! My last class is art. I have it with my boy friend. I guess you already fucking figured out im dating Harry Styles!!!  We've been dating only sinc the fucking summer. Let me tell you when people say hes good hes good. If you know what i mean! My crew told me bout this awesome ass party that we're fucking going to. When I fucking say crew I mean Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Chelsey Batterman, Kimmy Grosaniey, Rose Diamond, Jessica Runners, and me Rayna McRich. Dont let our fucking names fool ya we are who we fucking are the bad ass's and damn howI fucking love our name. Anyways I was thinking about

" yo girl are you fucking going to thqt fucking party today?" Rose said me and all the girls are tight and we all fucking hate Bieber!

" the fucking question is when am I fucking not going!" we just laugh until fuckng Bieber just had to ruin the moment. I mean he's hot and all, but he's an ass. 

" hey Ray want to go to the party with me?' Is he fucking stupid hell to the fucking NO!!! Everyone just looked in shock. I saw a get away and so did the girls. I winked to the girls to let them know that I saw the guys to.

" what the fucks wrong with you........ ummmm NO!!! I yelled the lat part without even thinking about it. Then I didnt even give him a chance to answer beforeme and the girls walkec the fuck away from his punk ass.

" what the hell was the about???" Harry asked as you see we love to curse.

" oh nothing baby" i said in an inocient voice. Before Harry smashed his lips i to mine and we started getting really fucking rough and just as I was about to ask for more. Harry pulled away and said see you later. UGH!!!


Justin's P.O.V

Why the fuck does she hate me??? What did I do wrong??? 

" rayna"

" what" she yelled. Damn shes always pisted the fuck off.

" ummm nevermind" damn Im a screw up.


Author's Note

Awwwww poor Justin

Will Rayna tell Justin why she doesn't like him?

Stay Tuned!!!



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