Heartbreaker will Find Love

" What the fuck's wrong with your ugly as" Justin said to Nathan
" what do you mean bro"
" you fucking dump chicks like they're fucking trash"
" and it's not like you haven't"
" whatever fucking dumb ass"
" later Bieber"


2. Principal's Office

ok yea i get but it's not my fucking faught he asked for it!
being a dick and shit!
Yea I guess you got it by know im a bad ass andI dont give a fuck about Justin's feelings clearly. I have a boyfriend and a crew! As in crew I mean im that crew that makes people scared as yell the bad ass's that what we call ourselves cuz yea where's bad ass's! Alright anyway enough about my crew! Im in the fucking principal's office and yelling at me and shit ohhhhh well! He gets my attention when he says " because of your bad behavior towards Justin Bieber you have to either sit next to him in all yours classes you have him in and lunch for a week or detention for a month"
yea I know all of you guys would be like sit with him for a fucking week but yell to the fucking no!!!!! I fucking hate that kid!!!! Yeah I get it im at bad ass long haired burnet with curves in all the fucking right places! But that doesn't give him of all people to be looking at my ass!!!
" can you sign me up for month detention!" i said to my bastard principal who I fucking forgot is a fucking perv!
Justin's P.O.V

I know what your thinking wow he's a real dick and shit like that but put your fucking self in my position! you have a sexy as hell burnet chick in all of your classes except speacials!!! Damn she always destracts me with that ass of hers! Anyway im on my way to lunch and I see her with her douche of a boyfriend Harry fucking Styles!!! I Hate That Kid!!! I mean yeah he's also a bad ass and I screwed some of his girlfriends! fine a lot. fine all but one Rayna and I want her so bad im so thirsty and not just for her!! Anyways I walk passed them and I hear my name
" what the hell did you say my name for ass hole!!!" i guess you got that i have anger issues when people talk about me
" by ass hole do you mean me or Harry"
shit shot shit I thought Harry was talking about me! Shit i have to pull this off somehow and somewhere ohhhh got it just as Ryan and Chaz walk over i say " i thought it was your douche of a boyfriend shawty" i say it in my sexiest voice ever
" douche, that's how you see my boyfriend wow that hurts!........ not really and screw you!!!"
" i would love if you did that for me shawty!" anf with that I walk away to lunch. As im walking i start to get the image of Rayna in my head like I cant get it out of there! she's wearing buttie shorts and a teal top it's normal for her but something about it makes me want to scream.
" JUSTIN!!! do you hear us talking to you!!! Ryan one of my best friends says he's the noisy one
" yea do you man" chuck and chaz say at the same time
" wait.......what?" they said something im confused
" are you in one of your Rayna day dreams again???" chuck says in a teassing voice
" what the fuck??? no!!!"
" what the fuck yes" they all say at the same time. i swear i could strangle them right now
" fine, whatever you caught me! alright! you win!" damn this guys are a fucking pain in the ass!!!
" stop man your a fucking screw up if your trying to get with that! shesas fistey as a fucking cheetah!!! and as thirsty for you as your math grades a 0!!!" ryan said
" whatever shed a bad ass that's why i fucking want to get her wet and get in her pants and make her scream my name and make her moan and..."
" dude im eating!!!! you fucking bastard!!!" chaz said just as i was about to curse him out the fucking bell rang i told the guys bye and then we all spilt
yea its still me and i just finished my last fuvking class of the day!!!! that means its party time in 3 hours time to get wasted before school tomorrow!!! Yeah its Wednesday the first day of school and all that shit but whatever im totally going to get some tonight with who I dont give a fuck as long as she's sexy as hell!!!! like Rayna!!! im going to get dome from Rayna!!!!

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