Heartbreaker will Find Love

" What the fuck's wrong with your ugly as" Justin said to Nathan
" what do you mean bro"
" you fucking dump chicks like they're fucking trash"
" and it's not like you haven't"
" whatever fucking dumb ass"
" later Bieber"


1. 1st Day of School

Ok ok yeah I might have broken a couple of girls hearts fine a lot of girls hearts. What can i say I'm the fucking most popular guy at my school. All the fucking girls want to get in these pants. Duh
Maybe im not putting this right. Do i mean ohhhh ehat the fuck who gives a shit!!!!! Nathan's being an ass like usual dumping hot ass's here and there. Sure im no better but im a fucking guy what do u expect?

Rayna's P.O.V
im always lwte my alarm clock is always not going off! So by the time I get to school i have to sit next to Justin fucking Bieber! The guy who stares at my ass all the fucking time! Yeah what a bastard! You get my point right? If you dont ohhhh fucking well. So im in my class finally!
" Rayna" the bitch says her name isn't really the bitch but she is one so
" yea?!" i answer to Cassidy Williams aka the bitch
"did u like forget to get dressed again" does she have to say it to the whole class? yea whatever so Im wearing a lace crop top with a teal tang top and white buttie shorts. I dont give a fuck and my parents dont give a fuck
" no I have clothes on unlike you at parties! ahhhhhhhhhh is all u hear u little slu...." as im qbout to finish my sentence
Mrs.Bills says " Rayna!!!!"
"what!!!" i bark right back at her
" principal's office now!!!!"
as you can see im a bad ass and what a fucking bad ass wants a fucking bad ass gets.
" awwwwww now i cant pay attention to class without an ass to get my attention" told ya justin fucking bieber what an ass
i just said what any other girl would say i said fuck you jusstin drew bieber!!!

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