Lost Memories

Athena wakes up to find herself in a field, in the middle of nowhere. She feels something touching her hand. She has no memories of what has happened, how she got where she is or who the boy is next to her.

this is one of my stories that I'm making in class, I have no clue what genre this goes into so I'm just going to put in it Mystery&Suspense. this story will hopefully have more detail in it unlike my other one.


1. Who are you?

Athena wakes up in a field of grass and light blue flowers, her favourite colour probably, in the middle of nowhere. She feels something wrapped around her left hand, she sits up and sees that a boy, around the age of 18, is holding her hand. Shocked and worried, she pulls her hand away so fast that she wakes the boy up. Shuffling backwards, she receives a wave of pain from her shoulder and cries out. When she looks at the back of her shoulder she sees dried blood. "Athena!" the boy shouts.

"h-how do you k-know my name?" she asks the boy coming towards her. Now that she can see him better he looks kinder cute, his brown hair was all messy with bits of blood in it, his blue eyes shine in the light and full of worry, his once black shirt was red and brown from blood and dirt but the deep cut just under his eye looked really painful. 

"don't you remember me?" he asks almost sad. she thinks, Its just a trick don't believe a word he says, he's probably the reason why my shoulder hurts.

"stay away from me!" she yells with tears in her eyes, she moves away but screams from the pain in her shoulder and stops.

"stay still your hurt" he said, his eyes once again filled with sadness and worry. Athena closes her eyes tight hoping the pain would go away.

"who are you?" she asks wanting to know more about him. "and who am I besides Athena?"

"I'm Tobias, and as for who you are...well that's a long story"

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