Went From A One Night Stand To Something More

Ava is 15 years old. She is in high school year 10 and she is loving it. One night she got a text from her best friend saying ‘Come to a party with me. Ill be at yours in 15 minutes be ready’. Eva got ready and climb out her window. What will happen to Ava that night!? Will her life ever be the same!?


3. Chapter 3-


Chapter 3-


Ava’s POV-

I was on my way to meet Avery when I bumped into someone. Wow and to think I got out of that habit.

I looked up to see who is was and it was the guy from last night. God I need to be a teacher so I can remember everyone’s god dam name.


‘Hey, I never thought I’ll see you again’ He Said.

‘Well I wasn’t expecting to see you again’ I know I was a little harsh, but I wasn’t expecting to see him again at all.

 ‘Um, okay’ He said back.

‘Sorry but I have to go, meeting a friend’ I said and went to walk off but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him.

‘I’m sorry but I really need to go, she is my best friend and I’m already late’ I said through my teeth.

He just let go of hand so I could go and meet Avery. I know I shouldn’t be that mean but I didn’t really wanna be late for meeting Avery and I didn’t want to stand there talking someone I had a one night stand with and not expecting to see him again.

Don’t get me wrong h is good looking and what not but every time someone has a one night stand they don’t expect to see them again. Well at least that’s what I think, he was my first one night stand and as god as it was I don’t think I will do it again.


Avery POV-


I turned up 5 minutes early because I knew that Ava would be early but she wasn’t there, where the hell would she be!? She is always early to everything, I guess not today.

I decided to go on twitter and look what new, I went onto Eleanor Calder page to look at her good modelling, yes Ava and I are looking into modelling. We are up to the last couple of weeks where we have to modelling for the judges who choice who gets through, so we were thinking that we would go to the same place as her. At this place they do every kind of modelling. (I know there might not be a place like this but in this story there is), I was thinking maybe Eleanor let Ava and I on some secrets to become a good model but I don’t know how to get on to her.

As I was looking on her twitter a link came up-

www.EleanorCalderModeling .com


I clicked on the link and it looked like Eleanor had her own modelling business. OMG since when!?

There was a number on there to ring, so I saved it and as I did Ava sat down.



‘sorry I took so long, I ran into somebody’ She said while laughing. All I could think about that someone she knows is who she bumped into.

‘okay. That’s fine. So tell me about last night ‘ I said in a happy tune.

‘okay but first I need a coffee because I’m about to burst’ she said just as the waitress came.           

‘now what can I get you fine looking ladies tonight’ he attempts  to hit on us. Ava and I just look at each other and burst out laughing.

‘okay then’ he just looked at us weird and then started to walk away.

‘hey, we do want something thank you, why else would we come here!? To look at not so fine guys yourself, No thanks’ Ava said and he burst out laughing again as he walked back to us.

‘okay, so what can I get you then!?’ he asked a little annoyed.

‘um, I don’t know yet’ Ava said just to piss him off even more.

‘what about you!?’ he turned to me and had his back to Ava.

‘I’ll have what ever she is having thanks’ I said and winked at Ava.

‘well then I’ll be back when she has decided’ He said and went to walk away again.

‘Well you haven’t asked if I had so how would know if I have or haven’t’ Ava asked him.

‘wait so you have stoped being an idiot and chosen what you want!?’ he didn’t even answer her question but asked her one.

‘Well I’m sorry for being a horny bastard and trying to get into girls pants. Oh wait that was you’ he was about to say something back but she got up pushed him out of the way and walked out the door.

‘sorry; I said as I got up and went after her.


Ava’s POV-


‘Fuck he was so horny man’ I screamed, right now I didn’t care if people were staring or even thinking.

‘I know, but I think you took it to far. Have you had your morning coffee yet babe!?’ Avery asked me as I shocked my head. If I don’t have a coffee in the morning I get really angry.

‘well then lets go to Starbucks get a coffee, my shout and then we will go to ‘our’ park and you can tell me about Mr. Perfect’ she said with a bit of a laugh. I just nodded and we crossed the road to Starbucks.

As I walked in I bet you could guess who was in there, yep you got it right Niall was but not only him but his whole band. Oh fuck, today just keeps on getting better and better doesn’t it.


‘Hey Avery, I’m going to wait out here for you’ I told her pointing outside as I went to walk away she grabbed my arm.

‘Oh no your not, I don’t want to talk to this guy alone. What if he hits on me, I have had my morning coffee’ She wined so I stayed,


Waiting 5 minutes in the same building of your one night stand just from last night was torture.

As we got to the front I was so lost in my thoughts Avery has to full on shaking me and screaming my name so loud I swear people from 2 blocks away could hear.


‘Thanks God your back, what were you dreaming about. Oh wait, it was the guy from last night right!?’ she asked with a grin on her face.

‘No I wasn’t, he is in the past. That’s if I don’t run into him again and he tries to change the one night stand rule’ I told her.

‘Wait start from the start’ she told me and I nodded.

By now we are at a table in Starbucks, we decided to stay because Avery said I looked tired.

I started telling Avery everything that has happened.



Niall’s POV-


‘Ava, Ava, Ava wake up. Get out of your dream about lover boy’ That’s all the shop could hear.

After a while the screaming had stopped and they were now talking. All I could think about was Ava, but I didn’t know if I should turn around or not to see if it was my Ava or not, I know she’s not mine , But I really want to get to know her and make her mine.

As I went to get up with the boys and leave, I could hear Ava and her friend talking.


‘And then I ran into him today on my way hear, well not her but to meet you and he asked when will I see you again and I said never because you never see you one night stands again and then he said  to change that, but I like it too much to change it. And then I walked away. But it turns out he had never had a one night stand ever’ Ava finished what she was saying to her friend.


All I could think about was that she was the girl from last night because the exactly the same  thing happened to us with what she was saying to her friend. All of a sudden Louis being Louis shouted out.

‘Hey, Niall buddy, isn’t that the girl over there you had a little fun with  last night!?’ He asked as he wiggled his eyebrows at me.

That caused Ava and her friend to give all 5 of us a dirty look and get up and walk out the door.


‘Thanks Lou that gives me more of a chance of not getting her’ I hit him.

‘Well sorry to brake it to you dude but you don’t get any more fun out of one night stands’ he said and then started talking to Harry.

I zoned out of the rest of everyone’s conversations.

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