~~Poems and songs~~

Well, it's just same poems and songs that I write and put in here. Feel free to comment about what you think



2. The Sad Dreamer

I have smiled a thousand smiles,
and now I can't smile.
I have laughed a thousand laughers,
and now I can't laugh.
But even though I've cried a thousand tears,
I still can cry.

I have dreamed a thousand dreams,
and now I can't dream.
I have hoped a thousand hopes,
and now I can't hope.
But even though I've speculated on thousand speculations,
I still can speculate.

Sometimes, I close my eyes and forget everything,
and start my life over again.
I start to live in my own world and survive and now:
I can smile,
I can laugh,
I can dream,
I can hope,
and in the end, I wake up from my dream and realise:

I'm strong enough to fight against my self,
and strong enough to live.

And now I'm gonna change this world and make it a better place.

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