Arranged Marriage-Harry Styles-

Sasha Smith is your ordinary 19 year old, although she acts just like a 15 year old, at times. What would happen if her mother planned everything out for her, without her knowing until the very second when she thought her life could get better? Would it be worse than she expected? Read this story to find out!

Stay Beautiful :) x


2. You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Sasha's P.O.V



"Is everything in the van?"Mom asked and I nodded knowing that there is no way of getting out of this. I grabbed the last suitcase and putting in the moving van. Turns out they already brought a house and Harry picked which I think was unfair because we were suppose to discuss this together but no, he gets to decide.


I was about to get into my car until my Dad grabbed my car keys. "Dad, those are mine."I groaned. "I know that."He laughed. "Then give it."I said reaching out for it. "Nope. You are going in Harry's car with him and your mother will be driving her car and I'll drive yours."Dad said and I groaned.


"Mom.."I whined like a little baby. "Sorry, honey. Just go with Harry and get to know each other better."She smiled and I rolled my eyes. "Hurry up, love!"Harry called out and I mentally groaned, walking over to the car.


Harry was about to open the door for me I opened it myself. "I can open the car myself."I said and he puts his hands up in defence and walked over to his side. We finally took off and my parents were right behind us, although the moving van was already gone.


The other boys and Harry's parents left a few hours ago and we're just going to sort everything in the house and stuff. "You look beautiful."Harry said breaking the silence. He looked at me and I gave him the 'Are you fuckin' serious?' look. "What?"He asked and I just shook my head looking out the window.


Seriously, I wasn't wearing anything fancy. it was just casual clothing. He must be a total moron. 


Harry turned on the radio and I groaned hearing their annoying song. I like the song but what annoys me is that everyone plays it everywhere I go, it just seriously gets annoying. "I said can you give it back to me. She said never in your wildest dreams."Harry sang looking at me and I rolled my eyes.


"C'mon, love. I know you wanna sing along."He said poking my cheeks. "Yeah, right."I said playing with my phone. "Said her name was Sasha Smith, ooww..and soon to be Mrs Styles, although she has a cheeky smile and she is a stubborn gi-ir-l.."He sang and my gaped and he winked.


I pushed him slightly and he laughed. 




"Sash? Sash, wake up. We're here."I felt someone shaking me. I opened and eyes seeing Harry's face so close mine. I quickly pushed him off and grabbed my bag. "You dick. Don't do that ever again."I yelled and he just laughed.


He is a moron.


I went to grab my suitcases but they were gone. "Where are-"


"They're in the house."Harry said cutting me off and looked him, seeing his cheeky, dimply smile. "Thanks. But I still don't like you as much."I said making my way to the house and stopped short and my mouth dropped.


The house was humongous. It's only us living in here and the house is huge. 


"Sash, welcome to your our home."Harry said, his hand around my shoulder and I looked him. "You have got to be kidding me."I said gazing back to the house.
















A/N: What did you guys think? Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x

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