Arranged Marriage-Harry Styles-

Sasha Smith is your ordinary 19 year old, although she acts just like a 15 year old, at times. What would happen if her mother planned everything out for her, without her knowing until the very second when she thought her life could get better? Would it be worse than she expected? Read this story to find out!

Stay Beautiful :) x


7. See You Tonight!

Sasha's P.O.V




I drove into the parking lot and made my way inside the building. "Hey."I smiled, hugging Tessa. "Hey, so I heard the news."She said, with a frown. "I know."I said. "Hi, Miss Smith."I turned around seeing Charlie. 


"Hey, kiddo. How are you?"I asked holding her. "I'm good. Mrs Adams said your leaving."She said, sadness written in her voice. "Aww. Yes, sweetie. I'll be leaving today."I said and she nodded.


"But I'm gonna miss you."She said hugging me tightly. "I'm gonna miss you too."I said stroking her back soothingly. I placed her down and Tessa got everyone's attention to us. "Okay, guys. Miss Smith, will be leaving today and yes today is her last day here and she'll be missed."Tessa said and I smiled seeing the kids sad faces.


I'm resigning my daycare job because I've moved so far from the school and it just wouldn't work. I will have to find me another job though. 


I'm gonna miss these kids.




I finally arrived home and I went to the boot and grabbed my shopping bags and closed own the boot of the car. 


I made my way in the house seeing no sign of Harry. He's probably gone somewhere with the guys. I placed the bags on the couch and put the groceries away in the cabinets. My phone rang and I got it out of my pocket,


"Hello."I answered climbing up the cupboards trying to put the stuff in. "Hey, babe. I just left to the studio and I forgot my phone in the room, in front of the mirror."He said and I furrowed my eyebrows.


I looked at the caller ID and it was Niall's phone. "Why did you forget your phone at home?"I asked making my way to our room and walked towards the mirror and I gasped seeing the little note that was stuck on the mirror and it read...You & Me dinner tonight. Love You. Harry x


"See you tonight babe."He said and hung up. Turns out his phone wasn't here and he wasn't just playing me. Luckily I went shopping today. 


That cheeky curly hair boy...




















A/N: I finally updated! What do you guys think? Leave comments below and I will update soon! Stay Beautiful :) x 

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