Arranged Marriage-Harry Styles-

Sasha Smith is your ordinary 19 year old, although she acts just like a 15 year old, at times. What would happen if her mother planned everything out for her, without her knowing until the very second when she thought her life could get better? Would it be worse than she expected? Read this story to find out!

Stay Beautiful :) x


5. New Look!

Sasha's P.O.V



"Babe?"I asked fixing my hair in front of the mirror. "Yeah?"He asked wrapping his hands around me from the back. "Do you think I should change my hair colour? I mean this colour looks a bit old."I said looking at my hair.


"Well, it's totally up to you love. You'll always be beautiful no matter what colour is your hair."He said kissing my neck gently making me blush. I turned around and wrapped my hands around his neck and his arms around my neck.


I kissed him and he deepened the kiss making me smile. "C'mon let's go to the hair salon."I said and grabbed his hand. He our cell phones in my carry-on bag and we headed out the door. "You drive or me?"I asked. "I'll drive."He pecked my forehead and we got into his Range Rover.




"Okay, sit on this chair and I'll get the stuff ready."The hairdresser said and I nodded. Harry was watching sitting on the other chairs. The lady finally came back and started brushing my hair out.


"Okay, now your done."The lady said and  smiled at the mirror. I love this colour. 

"Wooow."Harry's eyes widen and I rolled my eyes punching his arm. "I'm serious. You look beautiful."He smiled pecking my lips. "Same colour as your eyes."He grinned looking deeply into my brown eyes, making me blush.


He pecked my lips and we headed out of the salon. "What do you say if we go shopping today?"He asked and I nodded. "Oh and I was thinking to get another tattoo."He said and my head swung around quickly and stared at him.


"Harry, what the hell? You've already got too many tattoo's. Don't you think that's enough?"I asked. "Okay fine."He said, his arm around my shoulder as we continued walking. "What about just a little tiny-"


"Never in a million years."I said and he groaned making me laugh.


"Oh look. My favourite candy store."I said running into it seeing a lot of different candies. I grabbed bag and picked my favourite sweets. 


"Babe, that's a bit too much sweets."Harry said and I grabbed a chocolate and stuffed it in my mouth. "No, I need more. These are my favourites."I said still putting them in the packet.


"Okay, done."I said sealing the packet. "Babe, I just got a text from Mom. We need to go visit the flower shop and pick what flowers we like and then straight to the cake shop."He said and I nodded.















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