Runaway Identity

A young 14-year-old girl Misty Jagger is sick and tired of all the bullying that she's getting so she decides to pretend to die, so that she can go on a live a new life as someone else, she changes everything from her eye colour to her voice. But her heart is still the same she regrets leaving all her friends and family behind but, she just can't go back right I mean she can't go back to the place that she died and live there because people might notice something suspicious but, the chance to go back and find out who her friends truly are is so tempting especially since the one she loves is there too. She will be able to figure if he loves her or not but, what happens if he doesn't what will she do.


2. The trick

Ok this might stupid and unrealistic but, its all I can say that describes what the fake me looks like so basically I collected some material that looks and feels like my human skin I stretched it over a mould of myself and then started to make it look like me it took me like 3 hours. Then I had to put some of clothes on it so it looked like me, then I now I can't believe that I did this but I got some animal blood you can buy it at the shops in my town, which is both weird and convenient. I basically got all the things that would make people believe that its the real me including DNA samples and I had recently had a blood test and I managed to steal my blood and mix it with the animal blood so that it would like I had been bleeding and also to make it harder for people to figure out it wasn't me and yeah so basically it was an exact copy of me in every way possible.

Author's Note
Your probably thinking how can this be realistic no one is going to put that time and effort in making something that realistic and people are going to figure it out straight away I mean really. Yeah I'm good at doing that, making unrealistic things seem realistic and before you ask there is nothing wrong with me, its just that depressed people are easy to write about and just because I put it in my story doesn't mean that I am like that at all. Just saying, anyway hope you enjoy the story Kristal out!!

Once I had gotten it looking like an exact copy of me in every way possible I then took it and went in the tallest building and went to the highest floor and because there was no one around, and there were no security cameras around I then held my twin over the edge and dropped it well actually I made it look like it had jumped of the edge because that's just the person I am and even though their was no one watching I still wanted everything to like right. Now of course I had the twin hidden away when climbing up there I mean I'm not stupid and just after I dropped it I shrank into the shadows and put on a blonde wig and blue contacts and climbed down the stairs and out the building taking a glance over at the massive group of people crowding around the twin.

I smiled and walked away towards a hairdressing salon just before I went inside I took off the blond wig and hid it in my bag careful to keep the contacts in I went in and had my hair dyed purple. Then I went to a friend of mine well he's not really a friend but someone that I know that won't tell anyone what I've done, and I go him to dye my eyes aqua so that my eyes would stay aqua forever so I will be able to stay undetected for a very long time.


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