Runaway Identity

A young 14-year-old girl Misty Jagger is sick and tired of all the bullying that she's getting so she decides to pretend to die, so that she can go on a live a new life as someone else, she changes everything from her eye colour to her voice. But her heart is still the same she regrets leaving all her friends and family behind but, she just can't go back right I mean she can't go back to the place that she died and live there because people might notice something suspicious but, the chance to go back and find out who her friends truly are is so tempting especially since the one she loves is there too. She will be able to figure if he loves her or not but, what happens if he doesn't what will she do.


3. The plane ride

I then went and got myself a reservation at a local hotel and once I had gotten myself settled I went out and bought some clothes, and a few suitcases and some things that I would need if I was going on vacation, I then went back to my room and packed my bags and go ready to leave in the morning I had bought myself a laptop and I went on a website looking for aeroplane times. I decided that I was going to fly to Queensland and figure out what I'm doing from there, I know I said I was going to some other country like England or America but I just need time to figure it out right now and besides the only planes that leave to those countries leave from Queensland,  all I know is that I've got to get out of here before some one figures out that I'm not actually dead.

The next morning I woke up and quickly got myself ready to go I looked at myself in the mirror and I marvelled at how different I looked it was a really good job, at making a difference it really was a very good job. I didn't really spend very much time looking at myself I had to much to do I very quickly got dressed and gathered all my stuff together, and checked out of the hotel and left for the airport, as soon as I got there I got my ticket and left to get my bags checked and it wasn't long before I was on the plane and heading towards Queensland my new home only for a little bit but still my new home. A couple of hours later I was in Queensland, I gathered all my stuff together and caught a taxi to the nearest hotel and booked myself in, I couldn't believe how fast it had all happened I had pretended to kill myself yesterday and now I am in Queensland relaxing in my room watching TV.

It felt strange sitting here thinking of my life back home and as Misty Jagger and now look at me, Rema Heckman living in Queensland waiting for the perfect time to move out of the country, and a way from everything that has ever happened to me, the only sad thing would probably be being away from my family forced to live a life without them alone in a world where one bad move could lead to me being discovered.

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