Runaway Identity

A young 14-year-old girl Misty Jagger is sick and tired of all the bullying that she's getting so she decides to pretend to die, so that she can go on a live a new life as someone else, she changes everything from her eye colour to her voice. But her heart is still the same she regrets leaving all her friends and family behind but, she just can't go back right I mean she can't go back to the place that she died and live there because people might notice something suspicious but, the chance to go back and find out who her friends truly are is so tempting especially since the one she loves is there too. She will be able to figure if he loves her or not but, what happens if he doesn't what will she do.


4. Memories

I've decided to move to America for a week or so and see how that goes, I've packed all my things and I'm waiting for the receptionist to come back so that I can get out of here this morning I got bored so I turned on the news to see them doing a report about my death and they were showing interviews with my family and saying how upset they are now that I'm gone. It made me cry to see them like that but I couldn't live that life any longer, so instead of ending it right there I just started another one some where else with a new hairstyle eye colour and a new identity. I honestly think that it is better this way or though I wouldn't recommend it, I may be living a new life but I still have the memories of my family and everything that I've ever done this is going to be a very difficult thing for me to get used too.
I wiped my tears away just as the receptionist came back she saw my red puffy eyes "had a rough night" "no I saw a news report on TV and it made me upset, "oh you mean that girl's death" "yeah" "yeah that's a pretty sad case the doctors and police reckon that she killed herself." "You don't think so?" "Well you never know things happen that sometimes things that we can't explain I mean anything could have happened up there, murder, suicide, someone pretending to die just to get away from there previous life" I looked at her I was shocked how did she know but I kept a straight face and just pretended not to know anything about what she just said. "Wow look at me making absurd theories about something that doesn't even concern me", oh if only see knew how involved she actually was. "Well I hope that you have a good day and a even better life" her face had very quickly gone from sad and serious to bright and happy and smiling I hated when people did that one minute there sad then back to professionalism. I smiled at her grabbed my stuff and left I walked out of the hotel and headed straight to the airport.
Not long after I arrived I collected my ticket put my luggage on the conveyor belt and I was on the plane taking off heading to America, at first I thought of trying to change my voice so I sounded like a local but then I thought my Australian voice is nice I might stick with that. Then I started to think of Tyson my very own high school crush Tyson is a really nice guy handsome, strong, clever everything that a girl could ever want. He was a very sweet guy in general a gentleman so to speak, he was always nice to everyone I liked him quite a lot he was in a lot of my classes which met I got to spend a lot of time with him. I never really plucked up the courage to talk to him but the way that he was laughing with his friends and having fun during class, joking with the teachers he always made me laugh especially when he just blurted out something completely and utterly random. Huh Tyson was just one very cute and amazing guy, but he would never like someone like me, never.

Then I start to think about Hannah she was a good friend of mine she was the only friend that I could actually trust to tell my secrets to and all that stuff that friends do, the only thing that I haven't talked about with her is this and I would prefer to keep it that way. She was a very good friend of mine we would do anything for each other we were so close I actually kind of hoping that I will be able to see her again but, right now my main objective is to stay hidden. Sorry Hannah!

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