Elemental High (Continued)

Paige Carter has now discovered that she is the nature guardian Rosetta, and that her friends Steph, Kallen, Matt, Thomas, Drew, Charity and George are all guardians. It also seems that Alex is Paige's long lost father will she accept him after all these years? Will Paige ever trust Kallen enough to classify him as a trustworthy friend? And which of the guardians will betray them and go on the other side. Hope you enjoy! Warning this may contain spoilers! Sorry!


11. The Training Ruins

Author's Note

Hi guys yes I know it's been ages since I last wrote a chapter but, I'm here now so yeah. I'm hoping to get a couple of chapters down today, and maybe write a few on my other stories too. I'm really excited because today is the day that I will start writing the sequel for A Difficult Love Story! Everyone's been trying to get me to write a sequel for ages, and now it's finally here! It's called Time To Grow Up, the book is set 2 years since the accident.

 Every since the accident it's become clear how much the Tiffanies are loved in the town. People have spent a lot of time an effort making sure that they don't get charged, and so the story that everyone's heard is a little different compared to what actually happened. Basically instead of the Tiffanies being the reason why Trista wasn't able to get out of the way of the train, it was herself. Apparently Trista jumped in front of the train, and because of the way she was bullied at school, they believed it. Now 2 years later Trista is tired of being called 'the suicide girl' and strives to reveal the truth to everybody, with the help of her trusty boyfriend Blair. But as time goes on and as they discover more and more, it becomes obvious that there is something big behind this. Something that people will do anything to keep a secret, maybe even enough to take a human life.

Now I know how much you guys would to sit there and read about A Difficult Love Story but we have to get back to Elemental High now. In the next few chapters of Elemental High I will answer these questions. When will the girls finally get to transform? Who else will find there true love? Which girl is coupled with which boy? And the biggest question of them all. Will Kallen finally tell Paige how he feels? And the answers are yes, maybe and I don't know. Find out in the next few chapters.


Kallen's P.O.V

"Here we are girls" I heard mixtures of ooohs and ahhhs behind me, the training building was what could only be described as ruins. No really, it's the ruins of an old mansion, no one really knows what happened to it. It was simply there one day and gone the next. There're many rumours fire, earthquake, collapsed in on itself, but I know 2 things. First, the ruins make for a perfect training arena and second, it wasn't are fault, we're not the reason why the mansion collapsed. Sure we were training there on a regular basis but we didn't cause the collapse, I mean the accident. "Hey Kallen what happened here?" "Let's just say are attempts to stop a self-made fire from spreading didn't go very well" "you guys did this?" "Yeah this is are handy work" "this place has been separated into 5 areas each one with a different elemental mark on it." "Wait when you say elemental mark you mean?" "Scorch marks, dirt and plants, darkness, water, big gusts of wind" "that explains all the rumours." Lets go in.


"Ok you guys know the way to your stations, girls just follow the guy with your element and you should be fine. Meet back in the big arena for a group training session, everybody got that?...... Good." Everyone went off in their own direction guys in front, girls following behind. "This way Paige" I turned and walked down the ruins of the mansion's hallway, down the path lined with plants. "Wow they're beautiful" "I wouldn't touch them if I were you" "why?" "I whether they're poisonous or not" "you don't know?" "I've never seen these plants before, so I've never been able to tell, I just avoid touching them better be safe than sorry." Don't you have some kind of power for things like this?" "Yeah" "then why don't you use it to figure out which plants are poisonous and which ones aren't?" "Couldn't be bothered" "wait so let me get this straight, you created these plants, you have no idea what they are or whether they're poisonous or not, you have a power that helps you figure it out and you still choose not to know." "Yeah that's about right" "What is the point in that?" "The point is that I've been too busy fighting, training and looking for you, to do anything. "Looking for me?" "Of course your the only female nature guardian out there, and we 2 of every element in order to help defeat the aliens." I stopped an turned to face her "your very special."


Matt's P.O.V

"So Seren you excited for you first training session?" "Seren?" "Yeah that's my nickname for you, you like it?" "No" "oh what would you like me to call you then?" "Serenity" "but that's your full name" "exactly." "But I can't possibly call you by your full name" "your lucky you don't have to call me Lady Serenity" "Lady?" "Of course, the servants need to call me something" "servants?" "Yes I'm rich of course I have servants" "wait your rich? Drew never said anything about you guys being rich" "that's because he's modest, and thinks that anyone that brags about money is a rich snob. But I think that he should brag about how rich he is, he might make better friends."

"Hey we're good friends" "no your not" "yeah we are" "no good friends are popular and rich people, not people like you and those other boys." "There names are Kallen, George and Thomas and we are good friends, actually we're brothers that's how close we are." "Says you" "yeah says me, we're very close friends and there's nothing you can say that will change that" "really?" "Really" "nothing?" "Nothing" "are you sure?" "Yes I'm sure" "so if you found out that one of your 'close friends' was actually working for the aliens, would you still be good friends with them?" "Ok so maybe are friendship isn't invincible but hey, it's better than not trusting anyone." "True."

She finally agreed with me, man that took forever I mean wow that girl is hard to talk to, but that's not going to stop me from trying. Seren is a great girl, sure she's on the snobby side but hey at least she's got some personality. She's also not afraid to express her opinion which is something that I like in a girl. Right no it might seem like she hates me but I' sure that she will soon discover that she loves me, with all her heart and soon we would have bonded and we will be together like George and Lindsay are and like Drew and Charity are starting to be. Ah love, it's a beautiful thing I usually make fun of it but every since I saw Seren I have felt it. I never thought I'd love a girl quite like Seren, even when I found out that the girl with the same element as mine would be mine. I just didn't think that it was real, I thought that I would hate the person that I was bonded with. But now I realise that this is true love. Now all I need is for Seren to admit to and then we'll be together, I hope it happens soon.


Serenity's P.O.V

What is he doing? He's standing there staring at empty space with this goofy smile on his face, I want to punch him in fact I think he will. We were arguing about how Drew doesn't have any good friends and then he just stopped talking and started staring. It's weird, you would look at him and think that he was in love or something. "Matthew" I moved around to the other side of him "Matthew" I moved back around again. "Matthew" I poked him ribs "Matthew" I did it again, still no response. "MATTHEW!" Still nothing what is this guy thinking about?


Matt's P.O.V

We're in love, we're in love, we're going to be in love, and we'll have a son and we're going to name him Eric and he'll be a darkness guardian like George's parents were. Then we'll be one big happy family just me, the love of my life Seren and our son Eric.


Serenity's P.O.V

This guy is so weird, one minute he's fine the next he's like this, I don't understand him. My rich friends would never do this, how I wish I was hanging out with my friends instead of here with this lowlife. I'm going to have to do it I'm going to have to punch him, I rolled my hand into a fist, brought it back and rocketed it into his face. "OWWWW!" That snapped him out of it. "What the? What did you do that for?" "I'm sorry you zoned out, I shouted your name but you didn't answer. So I..." "You punched me?! You could have just given me a light slap you didn't have to punch me!" "I'm sorry" "you could have at least punched me a little bit softer and wait a minute did you say what I think you said?" "I said I was sorry" "wow ah ok I didn't expect that" "listen if you want me to go just say so, I'll leave." I turned to leave I guess I do feel a little sorry for him I mean he's right I could have done it softer. I'll just go.


Matt's P.O.V

She turned to leave, what is this it's like she's a whole different person. One minute we were arguing and the next she's saying sorry with this sad look on her face and turning to leave. I think I've been talking to her fiery side this whole time, fire guardians usually have to sides to them a normal, calm side that can be easily hurt and a fiery, angry side where are anger often covers up pain and sadness. We have to be careful when we're using our fiery side, cause if we get mad, and I mean really mad we can burst into flame and that often leads to fires everywhere and mass destruction. "Serenity wait" she stopped and turned to face me "stay I'm sorry."

I saw the faint signs of a smile around the corners of her mouth, and it snapped into a straight line and she was walking towards me again. Her head held high with her long hair flowing out behind her, so perfect. "You should be" and she's back, "making me feel like that I mean really. What are you doing standing around? We've got training to do!" I smiled and ran after her slipping in front "what are you doing?" "Well it's simply you see I know the way you don't, so I lead and you stay behind me. We walked past a large mirror and I checked myself out as I went by, what? I try to do that at least twice a day. But good thing I did cause other wise I would have missed the big smile on Seren's face.

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